Friday, 19 November 2021 08:43

Common problems of raising chickens in autumn and winter

In the autumn and winter seasons, the temperature gradually becomes cold, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the climate is dry, especially when using breeding equipment to raise chickens will bring a lot of inconvenience. Therefore, in order to create a suitable living environment for the chicks. Let the chicks grow healthily. It is particularly important to manage the temperature and humidity of brooding in autumn and winter. However, in actual temperature and humidity management, some farmers often ignore details.


Raising chickens is the management details. The first key point of raising chickens is the preheating of the chicken coop. The chicken house can reach the desired temperature without preheating. Therefore, many people ignore the benefits of preheating the chicken coop. After all, we will ignore many problems when we use chicken cage equipment to raise chickens.




The chicken coop is in the idle period. There may be a problem with the heating equipment. Many farmers only discovered that there was a problem with the heating equipment when the chicks were coming. This will waste time. There are also big problems with chicken breeding. So we have to prepare in advance.


The chicken coop should be cleaned frequently. Avoid serious environmental problems in the chicken house due to improper cleaning. Causes poor growth and development of chickens. I hope that farmers should pay attention to these issues when raising chickens. The above are some suggestions from the poultry breeding equipment manufacturers. Hope to help farmers.