Thursday, 04 November 2021 08:23

What are the preventive inspections for automated poultry farming equipment to raise chickens?

The periodic inspection of automated poultry farming equipment is a planned preventive inspection. In addition to human perception, the inspection means must also regularly inspect tools and instruments.

Most of the users of layer cage breeding do not dare to ventilate the chickens when they are three weeks old, because they are afraid that the chickens will catch a cold and catch a cold. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding. If you do not ventilate in time, the harmful gases in the chicken house will be seriously exceeded, and a large amount of harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide will be generated, which will seriously stimulate the respiratory epithelial mucosal cells of the chicken, thereby causing the mucous membranes. Cell damage is more conducive to the invasion of viruses and bacteria.

In this way, the layer cage chickens will suffer serious diseases. Not only the chicken itself is damaged, but also immunosuppression will be encountered during the vaccination, which will aggravate the disease.


In addition, paying attention to the protection of chicken cage equipment in daily life can extend its life.

In any layer cages, if the cage can be kept clean, it is very conducive to the growth of chickens. But when it comes to cleaning chicken cages, many chicken farmers think it is more difficult. Therefore, you can use the manure cleaner equipment to assist in the cleaning of the chicken coop.

A build-up of ammonia and bacteria produces a strong smell in a dirty chicken coop. It can attack people who are harmful to chickens in the area. With proper maintenance, your chicken coop or yard needs to be non-stinky, and you may not have done a complete cleaning of the chicken coop often once a year.