Wednesday, 13 October 2021 08:44

How to use breeding equipment to manage tens of thousands of chickens

How to use breeding equipment to manage tens of thousands of chickens, it is very likely that everyone does not believe that, under the premise of using fully automated chicken breeding equipment for 100,000 laying hens in large-scale breeding plants, only one person can manage it. This is high-tech technology. , The fully automated chicken raising equipment makes it possible for one person to manage one hundred thousand laying hens! The application of fully automated chicken breeding equipment not only saves labor costs substantially, but also converts the original chicken shed from one layer to two or even three layers, which can help the farm save more than half of the breeding area.


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Some sheds with 100,000 eggs will use eight-layer cascading feeding machinery and equipment. The temperature control system, manure removal system, feeding system and egg collection system are built into the fully automated chicken farming equipment, which is worth a visit. It is mentioned that the temperature and environmental humidity automatic adjustment control system enables the heating, natural ventilation, temperature and humidity control of the chicken shed to complete computer monitoring, and the production and manufacturing status of the whole chicken shed can be seen at a glance on a computer, and the level of automation is high. The chicken shed can also be remotely controlled on a mobile phone.


In general, the fully automated chicken breeding equipment helps you complete the actual operation of automation technology from feeding, drinking water, temperature control to egg picking, loading, and fully automatic manure removal.