Saturday, 18 September 2021 03:29

Why do many people choose automatic feeding equipment for chicken farms

In the process of raising chickens, in addition to providing a good environment for the chickens, raising is also a very important point. Nowadays, farmers who use poultry layer cages to raise chickens to feed chickens must pay more attention to the feeding of feed. Automated feeders can help major farmers to raise chickens effectively, which not only saves space for discipline inspection commissions, but also effectively solves manpower.


The priority equipment for breeders to improve labor efficiency is the driving feeder. This equipment becomes a good assistant for the breeder’s supply work. It can solve the problems of uneven manual supply and insufficient supply of upper chickens, effectively improve the breeder’s work efficiency and reduce feed. Waste, indirectly reduces the economic input of the chicken farm in feed.


The traveling feeder has simple structure, convenient maintenance, cost saving and high efficiency. The walking system adopts chain and sprocket transmission, which has good shock-proof effect and corrosion resistance. The guide rail is laid with square steel, which can stably walk, increase the contact area, anti-skid, and save electricity. The company’s automatic supply system can deliver feed to poultry steadily and without separation, ensuring that each hen feeds every day. It is matched with the high edge trough to save feed and does not spread. At the same time, it has high operating efficiency, high maintenance requirements and long service life. long.


In order to have to use the automatic feeder system, farmers should pay attention to keeping enough space around the drive during use, so that ventilation and adjustment become easy. Keep the drive away from dust and high humidity environments and avoid accidental contact. Keep away from other heat sources when fixing the drive. Ensure that the drive is working within the specified ambient temperature range. Avoid installing on equipment with excessive vibration. If installation is required, good anti-vibration measures should be taken.


The above is the shared advantage of using automatic chicken raising equipment-automatic feeder. Hope the above sharing can help farmers.