Friday, 27 August 2021 09:09

How do farmers choose cost-effective automatic chicken breeding equipment

The choice of automatic chicken breeding equipment and breeding methods are directly related to the economic benefits of farmers. Many farmers choose to raise more chickens and fewer coops. This results in a large breeding density. More problems will arise.


Some farmers want to raise more chickens. Use less chickens or use houses as chicken coops to raise chickens. Farmers put the chicks in chicken cages. This is very incorrect. Finally, it will affect the laying performance of laying hens.



The equipment for raising chickens must be matched. It is not only conducive to the normal development of the flock, but also conducive to the turnover of the flock. Give full play to the utilization of equipment. If the equipment does not match the growth and development of the chicken, the chicken cannot be raised well.


Nowadays, laying hens are mostly raised in cages, and chicken cages are indispensable equipment. Chicken farmers generally pay more attention. However, it lacks the ability to discern the quality of chicken coops, and tends to be at a low price when buying. The cage is a place for the hen to live, produce and sleep, and its quality cannot be ignored. The quality of the bottom of the cage, the width and slope of the cage are especially important. The difference in the quality of the chicken cages of the two manufacturers has caused significant differences in egg production and egg broken rate.


Farmers must pay attention to the quality when buy automatic poultry battery cages. The quality of the equipment cannot be bought cheaply. It will also affect the growth of later chickens.