Monday, 23 August 2021 09:22

Can I use automated chicken raising equipment for caged laying hens?

There are currently two ways to raise chickens in cages and peacefully. Nowadays, cage breeding is almost inseparable from the use of automatic chicken breeding equipment.


The chicken coops that raise chickens generally rely on natural air flow for ventilation. The natural light from the windows maintains the temperature of the chicken house. The temperature and humidity in the chicken house basically change with climate change. The counterfeit cost of this kind of chicken coop is low, and the investment is small. The requirements of the farmers on the feed are not strict. This method of raising chickens is greatly affected by the natural environment, and it is also difficult to prevent epidemics.


Therefore, in order to ensure the healthy growth of chickens, can cage layers use automated chicken raising equipment?


 Chickens in layer chicken cages are enclosed chicken houses. So we must use automated chicken farming equipment. Use an exhaust fan to suck in fresh air and exhaust the air in the house. Artificial lighting is used in the house instead of natural lighting. When the temperature is high, a cooling pad should be installed. In the cold season, artificial heating can be used to keep the temperature in the house within a comfortable range. Make chickens have a good diet and environment, and greatly reduce the prevalence of caged broilers. Therefore, caged broilers must be raised with automated chicken raising equipment!