Friday, 20 August 2021 09:29

The solution of laying soft eggs in laying cages

With the improvement of layer production level, the rate of soft skinned eggs laid by layer cages has also increased. Soft preserved eggs are difficult to store, difficult to transport and sell.


First, farmers can add minerals to chicken feed. The softening of eggshells is mainly due to the lack of calcium and vitamins. Farmers can add nutrients to the feed from time to time. Meet the needs of the chicken body to synthesize eggshells.


The second nutrient is matched reasonably, and the feed is evenly mixed. If the farmers do not choose a nutritionally balanced feed, it will also lead to the production of soft-shelled eggs.




Third, the laying hens were frightened. Farmers need to build chicken coops in quiet places such as the suburbs. Because if the laying hen is frightened before laying eggs. The nerves of the reproductive system are disturbed and disorder occurs, which affects the quality of the shell.


Fourth, the chicken house environment. Farmers need to pay attention to the environmental temperature of the chicken house. Provide a suitable temperature for chicken laying. If the temperature of the chicken house is too high, the chicken feed intake will decrease. As a result, the amount of calcium intake in chickens cannot meet the needs of chickens to form eggshells.


The above is the shared solution of using automated breeding equipment to raise chickens and lay soft-skinned eggs. I hope my sharing can help farmers who are suffering from this problem.