Wednesday, 18 August 2021 09:22

Ways to clean automatic chicken cages

Automatic chicken cages do cleaning methods. It's for the cleanliness of the chicken coop. A clean chicken house will make chickens less sick and reduce the loss of farmers. Several cleaning methods are briefly introduced below.


Keep the chicken coop aisles and poultry battery cages clean. The key to reducing dust is that farmers should pay attention to keeping the chicken house clean and hygienic. Clean the chicken house every week. Prevent a large amount of dust from depositing, thereby affecting the chickens.



Wear a mask when getting immunized. For the safety of farmers and breeding work. Farmers should pay attention to raising a lot of dust when making chicken cages. Therefore, protective measures must be taken to do this kind of work.


Spray water. Water can reduce dust in the chicken house. Therefore, farmers can choose to use clean water to spray dust. This can reduce most of the dust in the air. However, the humidity in the chicken house will increase, which may affect the growth of the flock. Therefore, farmers must ventilate and dehumidify the chicken coop after the spraying work is finished.