Monday, 16 August 2021 09:19

The details that need to be paid attention to when using automatic chicken breeding equipment to raise chickens

In the process of raising layer hens, some farmers may ignore some details of breeding. this is not right. In the breeding industry, controlling the details is also the key to raising chickens. The following broiler cage suppliers will describe some of the details of raising chickens for the farmers' reference.


Remember to disinfect before and after immunization

Immunization is a disease prevention work that every farmer must do. Disinfection is also the work that farmers must do. However, it should be noted that the farmers are not allowed to perform disinfection work for a few days before and after the immunization. Otherwise it will affect the immune effect and also affect the health of the flock.


Add more chickens to prevent not enough after being eliminated

Many farmers have this misunderstanding. It is believed that the more chickens, the better. In fact, the number of chickens on each square meter of the chicken battery cages is basically a fixed number. Diverse chickens will only make chickens grow smaller. Studies have shown that the density increases by 20%, and the incidence increases by 4 times.


Lack of vaccine knowledge

Farmers have two extremes. One thinks that you can't raise chickens without epidemic prevention, and the other thinks that chickens don't need to be vaccinated. The correct thing is that farmers should insist on doing what they should do, and pay attention to the condition of the chickens.