Tuesday, 03 August 2021 09:28

Analysis of the main reasons for egg breakage

Although layer damage is a common phenomenon in breeding, we must also understand and analyze the reasons for egg damage to reduce the rate of egg damage.

First of all, the breed of laying hens. There are obvious differences in the quality of eggs produced by different breeds of laying hens. We know that brown-shelled eggs are harder than white-shelled eggs, and the damage rate of local breeds is lower than that of imported breeds. Therefore, farmers should choose high-quality laying hens. And the chicken itself. As the chicken ages, the eggs gradually increase, while the quality of the eggshell remains unchanged. The surface area of the egg increases, so that the relative mass of the egg shell decreases and the breakage rate increases.

Nutrient. If the nutrients related to the eggshell quality in the feed are lacking or insufficient, it will affect the quality of eggshell formation, resulting in an increase in the breakage rate. In addition, the pH of the feed will also affect the quality of the eggshell. If the acidity of the feed is too high, the quality of the eggshell is not good. Increasing the alkalinity of the feed is beneficial to improving the quality of the eggshell.

When the layer has a stress response, the physiological function will be disordered, which will affect the formation of the eggshell, resulting in a decrease in the quality of the eggshell and an increase in the breakage rate. If the feeding and management of the laying hens is not in place, the laying hens are too early and the weight is too low. Since laying hens have to maintain their own growth and development as well as bear the burden of laying eggs, the laying rate and the quality of eggshells will decrease. The frequency and time of picking up eggs are important factors that affect the breakage rate of eggs. Generally speaking, the less the number of picking up eggs, the higher the breakage rate.

The three reasons for egg breakage are analyzed above. In order to reduce the breakage rate, farmers can use automatic egg collection equipment. We are a manufacturer of automatic breeding equipment. If you have any questions or needs, you can contact us. We will definitely provide quality services.