Tuesday, 22 December 2020 08:51

The development status of poultry chicken breeding equipment

In recent years, the aquaculture industry in various countries has advanced by leaps and bounds, and more and more people choose the aquaculture industry. The emergence of chicken raising equipment has undoubtedly given the breeders a new direction, making the process of raising poultry more and more easier for the breeders. If breeders want to get good economic benefits, the use of automated poultry breeding equipment is indispensable. Next, introduce the development trend of the chicken industry to the farmers.


1. Environmental maintenance of chickens is a trend: environmental protection is being promoted in all occupations, and there is no exception in the chicken industry. Nowadays, many pig farms and the chicken industry are rectifying their own environment, saving energy and reducing emissions, and reducing environmental pollution related to chicken breeding is the current development trend of the chicken industry. In the past, the manure and water flowed everywhere in the chicken farms, flies were flying everywhere, and the smell around the chicken farms was unpleasant. If it is not rectified, it will inevitably affect the external air environment and affect people's healthy life. Therefore, the maintenance of chickens is a must.


2. Specialized management is the trend: As the scale of the chicken industry becomes more and more advanced, after the professionalization of breeding equipment, poultry management and skills must be continuously updated and upgraded. Only professional people do professional things, poultry breeding business will be successful. However, there is no single breeder who can not only raise chickens and understand water and electricity, but also manage people and see a doctor. Therefore, it is the trend of cooperation and mutual benefit to give each job to professional people.


3. Large-scale and intensive breeding is the trend: large-scale and intensive chicken breeding are now vigorously promoted by the chicken industry. Many farmers have now completed large-scale chicken breeding. There are some small farms whose breeding equipment and chicken-raising skills have begun to lag behind, and are now unable to adapt to the development of the chicken-raising industry, and the benefits are minimal or even at a loss. Therefore, small breeders must change the current breeding situation before they can win in the chicken industry.


4. Green drug-free residual chicken is imperative: With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, there are higher requirements for food. More and more people pay attention to food safety, so how to produce green and safe chicken products is a job that farmers need to consider, and it is related to the economic benefits of the farmers and people's health.


The above are some development directions that farmers need to consider in addition to updating breeding equipment. In the past two years of repeated epidemics, automated poultry breeding equipment has become the best choice for many farmers. It is hoped that all farmers can adapt to the current complex international environment and grasp the international market in the new year.