Tuesday, 20 October 2020 08:42

It is necessary to ventilate the broiler cage on time

How to maintain continuous ventilation for broiler cage equipment? In fact, when breeding in broiler cages, most of our farmers only pay attention to the temperature in the chicken house and ignore the ventilation in the broiler cage. Especially in the cold winter, in order to maintain the temperature of the chicken house and reduce heating costs, broiler cage farmers usually do not ventilate the chicken house. It is speculated that insufficient ventilation in the chicken house will lead to an increase in ascites in the middle and late stages of broilers.

At different ages, if the broiler cannot be ventilated normally, it will constitute an outbreak of various diseases, so it is necessary to ventilate the broiler cage on time.


The life activities of broilers are inseparable from oxygen. In the case of ensuring the normal temperature of the broiler cage, it is very important to ventilate the broiler cage. Ventilation can provide satisfactory oxygen to chickens, promote them to change customs, and maintain the health of chickens and the conversion rate of mobile feed. Especially when we use broiler cages now, due to its high density, ventilation should be carried out frequently. Ventilation can exhaust water vapor, ammonia, dust and waste heat in the chicken house and provide sufficient fresh air for the chickens.


Poor ventilation and high ammonia concentration can cause serious losses in production. Ventilation is the focus of management in the later stage of broiler breeding. In the later stage, the weight, feed intake and excretion of livestock, poultry and chickens are large. The carbon dioxide they exhale, the body heat they emit, the water they excrete, the ammonia accumulated in the chicken manure in the house, and the dust floating in the air in the house. If it cannot be discharged out of the house in time, the living environment in the house will get worse and worse, which will not only seriously affect the growth rate of broilers, but also increase the loss rate of broilers. The broiler cage must be kept clean during breeding.


It is necessary to choose mechanical ventilation for broiler cages, which can be divided into horizontal ventilation and longitudinal ventilation according to the direction of indoor airflow. There should be no dirt near the chicken breeding equipment, and the pipes of the chicken cage feeding equipment should be kept clean. Some parts of the equipment need proper lubricating oil to ensure the normal operation of the broiler cage.