Tuesday, 13 October 2020 08:26

Use chicken raising equipment to raise chickens scientifically

Fully automatic chicken raising equipment is an auxiliary chicken raising equipment that has appeared in the chicken industry in recent years. There are many kinds of fully automatic chicken raising equipment. Different equipment can help breeders raise different breeds. It is very convenient, fast and efficient, and is loved by many breeders. So, let's take a look at how to raise chickens scientifically using fully automatic chicken raising equipment.

1. Choose your own fully automatic chicken raising equipment. Among the current chicken raising equipment, the types of automatic chicken raising equipment are commonly used automatic chicken raising equipment such as automatic feeders, automatic manure cleaners, automatic egg collection systems, fan wet curtains, and automatic drinking water equipment. Farmers should choose different equipment according to their actual needs.

2. Learn to operate fully automatic chicken raising equipment. Fully automatic poultry farming equipment is a relatively large-scale mechanized equipment that requires professional operation and maintenance. Whether the farmers operate it by themselves or let the staff operate, they must learn the correct operation method.

3. Maintaining the environment of the chicken house: The hygiene of the chicken house is maintained well, and the flock can reduce the occurrence of diseases. The chicken house has chicken flocks and fully automatic chicken raising equipment, so there are more dirt and harmful gases such as manure, feed, dust, ammonia, etc., which seriously affect the health of the chicken flock. Therefore, in order to ensure the sanitary environment of the chicken house, it must be cleaned.

4. Do a good job of immunization. Infectious diseases have serious health hazards to chicken flocks. The disease of chickens may be transmitted to the flocks of the entire chicken coop, causing huge losses. At present, the effective way to prevent infectious diseases is to immunize the flock, and farmers do not do immunization during the process of raising chickens.

The above four points are the main points of how to use fully automatic poultry farming chicken cages to raise chickens scientifically, and are also several tasks that farmers should pay attention to in the process of raising chickens. I hope that the above explanation can help the majority of farmers to raise chickens scientifically and rationally and improve economic benefits.