Tuesday, 22 September 2020 08:15

The difference between stacked layer cage and stepped layer cage

The breeding cages required in layer breeding are not as single as broiler breeding cages. Now the layer cages widely used by layer farmers include stacked layer cages and stepped layer cages. Although these two cages are used for raising laying hens, they play different roles in the breeding process. The following is mainly to analyze the differences between stacked layer cages and stepped layer cages for farmers.

1. Compared with the stepped layer cage, the layered layer cage has a smaller area. The layered layer cage makes full use of the advantages of space, reduces the use of the ground, and increases the number of breeding households.

2. Stacked layer cages can be equipped with a complete set of automatic poultry production system equipment, which can reduce the labor cost of farmers, improve the efficiency of breeding, and increase the economic benefits of farmers in the later period.

3. Stacked layer cages make full use of space advantages, and the number of rearing is more than that of stepped layer cages.

4. The ventilation performance of the stepped layer cage and the uniformity of the light of the chicken flock are better than that of the layered chicken cage, which can ensure that the chicken flock receives uniform light and promote its healthy growth.

5. In the process of using the stepped layer cage, there is no need to install manure removal equipment, and the manure in the chicken house can be directly dropped into the manure pit. Using battery layer cages, a professional manure cleaner must be prepared to treat the manure in the chicken house.

The above is the difference between stacked layer cages and battery layer chicken farming cages analyzed for farmers. It is hoped that through today’s description, farmers can have a more comprehensive knowledge and understanding of these two cages, so that they can purchase poultry breeding cages in the future.