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About broiler cage chicken guide

Broiler cages are now a new way of raising broilers. Many farmers are gradually changing to cage methods. The use of broiler cages is different from the previous methods of raising chickens. The chicken raising guidelines and techniques will also change, so Farmers should learn the techniques of cage-raising chickens in time, and cooperate with each other to raise broilers better. The following breeding equipment manufacturers will tell several chicken-raising guidelines for the majority of broiler cage-raising farmers.


In the process of raising broilers in broiler poultry farming with fully automatic , although the feeding cycle of broilers is short, the main points of feeding and management of different growth cycles are different. Only by feeding and managing according to different growth stages can the growth performance of broilers be ensured. Generally, broilers are divided into three stages: early, middle and late feeding stages. The main points of feeding are:




1. Broiler chickens 0-14 days old: This period belongs to the broiler brooding stage and requires careful feeding and management by the farmers. The chicks should be boiled in time after entering the chicken house. It is recommended that the farmers add some glucose or High-efficiency and low-toxic antibacterial drugs. In addition, when feeding, a full-price feed should be prepared according to the nutrition required by the chicks, so that less feeding is required.


On the first day of the chicks, farmers can use a 24-hour uninterrupted light system. It is recommended that the light intensity can be 4 watts per square meter, and then gradually reduce the light time according to the growth stage, and implement this gradually reduced and then gradually increased light The system can promote the development of internal organs and bone calcification of chicks to a certain extent, so that their health conditions are good and the incidence of diseases is reduced.


2. Broiler chickens 10-35 days old: this stage belongs to the mid-term growth of broiler chickens. During this period, broiler chickens grow very fast. Therefore, farmers should increase the volume of feed appropriately according to the growth status of broiler chickens to reduce the energy and crude protein in the feed. The concentration can generally be reduced by about 10%, but the various vitamins, trace elements and minerals in the feed should be supplied according to the standard or slightly higher than the standard. In addition, attention should be paid to the ventilation, disinfection and reasonable immunization of the chicken coop in order to reduce the prevalence of broilers.


3. Broiler chickens 36 days old to slaughter: This stage is in the fattening period of broiler chickens, and the quality of broiler chickens will be improved if they are raised well at this stage. Farmers can obtain better economic bear aunts. Farming equipment manufacturers recommend that farmers need Use high-quality feed for short-term fattening, and also pay attention to adjusting the stocking density. Excessive feeding density not only restricts food intake, affects rest, and causes uneven growth and development of chickens, but also causes air pollution in the house, deterioration of environmental sanitation, and induces many diseases.


The above are the key points of broiler chickens raised in stages in the process of broiler cages, which are described by the breeding equipment manufacturers for farmers. This is also a guide for farmers to use broiler cages to raise chickens. I hope that the above description can be used for breeding. Thank you for your attention!