Tuesday, 18 August 2020 08:40

The main reason for the sudden drop in laying rate of laying hens?

Under normal feeding and management conditions, laying hens have certain regularity in laying eggs. After the eggs are seen, the egg production rate rises rapidly; within 3 to 4 weeks after the egg production rate reaches 50%, it enters the peak egg production; after a certain period of time, it slowly decreases. In actual production, often due to various factors such as improper feeding, disease infection, etc., the egg production of chicken flocks suddenly drops, causing greater economic losses.chicken poultry farming equipment manufacturers will tell you why





Laying hens have higher requirements for feed nutrition, and feed problems often lead to a sudden drop in egg production.

1. The feed is moldy or contaminated, which reduces the palatability of the feed, reduces the feed intake of chickens, and can easily cause gastrointestinal diseases and sudden drop in egg production.

2. Improper mixing ratio of various ingredients in the feed, such as improper ratio of calcium and phosphorus; if the ratio of calcium and phosphorus is imbalanced or the quality of feed ingredients is poor, the effective nutrients are insufficient or lacking.

3. Poor quality or insufficient content of vitamin or trace element additives is also an important factor.

4. Suddenly change the feed formula.


The above is the main reason for the sudden drop in laying rate of laying hens, and I hope it can help farmers who raise chickens in Ghana or Nigeria.