Tuesday, 11 August 2020 09:58

What should be paid attention to in cage manufacturers for caged chickens

Chicken cage manufacturers strongly advocate chicken cages, which is also a trend in today’s world development. The use of cages to raise chickens has a large breeding density and a large number of chickens, which effectively increases the economic benefits of farmers. However, there are also aspects of chicken cages. There are many things that need to be paid attention to, and I will explain them one by one below.





1. Choose the right chicken cage and automatic poultry farm equipment: At present, the chicken cage equipment is divided into laying cages, broiler cages and brooding cages for raising chicks according to the types of laying broilers and chicks. Farmers need to choose the right one according to their own chicken breeds. In this way, you can purchase suitable cages to allow the chickens to grow and produce in a comfortable environment. In addition, you must also pay attention to the quality of the cages. You must choose a manufacturer with guaranteed quality and good reputation. Only in this way can the quality of the chicken coop and the service life of the chicken coop be guaranteed.

2. Pay attention to the disinfection of chicken coops: Now many chicken farms are getting bigger and bigger, and the flow of people is faster. Therefore, the breeding environment of chicken farms is also prone to become bad, and the pollution of various pathogens is also increasing. Farmers may be infected with diseases and cause economic losses if they are not paying attention. Therefore, farmers’ awareness of sanitation and disinfection of chicken farms must be carefully rooted in the awareness of farmers. Disinfection should run through every breeding link. Never be negligent.

3. Pay attention to choosing high-quality vaccines during immunization: When choosing immunization vaccines, farmers should pay attention to purchasing high-quality vaccines produced by designated national manufacturers. Do not buy vaccines from manufacturers that are not guaranteed for cheap, otherwise the cost is low. But the effect is not good. In addition, before vaccination, each vaccine bottle should be checked for damage, tightness, vacuum in the bottle, and validity period. If one item fails, it cannot be used.

4. Pay attention to the rational use of drugs: In order to prevent diseases among chickens, many farmers give their chickens disease-preventing drugs privately. This will not only have the preventive effect, but also cause the bacteria in the chickens to become resistant. The principle of medication is: preventive drugs can only be given in the prone stage of chickens, and the medication should be stopped immediately after the prone period, and the therapeutic dose of drugs should be used when the chickens are sick. Once the disease is controlled, stop the medication immediately. Moreover, a drug should be replaced once after a period of use to avoid drug resistance.

5. Pay attention to the control of the density of chicken cages: the breeding density of chicken cages is high. In order to raise more chickens, some farmers do not pay attention to the standard density and increase the density at will. If the density is too high, the growth of chickens will not be improved. Balance will also increase the amount of harmful gases in the air. Chickens are susceptible to E. coli, coccidia, etc., and can speed up the epidemic. Therefore, farmers must not covet the number of breeding and ignore the appropriate density when raising chickens.





The above five points are the precautions for raising chickens in the chicken cage during the process of raising chickens in poultry equipment for sale in south africa. hope that the above descriptions can be carried out by the farmers. We bring some help.