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The characteristics and types of chicken cage

Generally, layer cages can be divided into full ladder cages, half ladder cages, stacked cages, ladder mixed cages and flat cages according to the cage shape or assembly method.


Full-step layer cage, the upper base layer cage does not overlap in the vertical direction, so that the feces of each layer can fall into the lowest ditch, and then the ground scraper installed in the ditch will remove Manure is cleared out of the chicken cage.


Half-step layer cage, the upper and lower cages are somewhat stacked, and the stacking amount can reach 1/2 to 1/3 of the depth of the cage. The top net of the base-level cage is made of oblique angles to facilitate the installation of the manure bearing plate, so that the manure accumulated in the upper layer will fall into the manure ditch under the cage under the action of gravity after air-drying. This method is often used in breeding chicken cages and breeder cages produced in China. The half-step chicken cage occupies a small area, and the housing density is higher than that of the full-step chicken cage.




Poultry battery cages for sale, each layer of battery cages in the vertical direction, and there is a horizontal manure bearing device under the bottom net of each layer of cages. Scraper manure cleaners or conveyor belt manure cleaners can be used to deliver chicken manure to each row of chickens At one end of the cage, the chicken manure is sent to the outside of the house by the horizontal spiral manure scraper, and the small overlapping chicken cage can manually clean the manure. Feeding, drinking water, cleaning manure, and egg collection are all easily mechanized. The advantage of overlapping cages is that the housing density is high, generally 16-18 birds/m3 for three layers, and 18-20 birds/m3 for four layers, which makes the civil investment of each chicken low and high labor productivity; the disadvantages are each The vertical ventilation between the layers is poor, and the environmental conditions of each layer of the chicken cage are quite different, which requires high environmental control of the chicken house.


Step-stack hybrid layer chicken cages, the upper and lower layers are staggered, the middle and lower layers are all overlapped, and the top net of the lower layer is equipped with a manure bearing plate. The manure can be manually pushed inward to make the manure fall or Use a mechanical scraper to remove it.


The horizontal layer cage has only one layer of cages, and every two rows of cages are installed back to back. A feeding trough, a water trough and an egg belt are used together. The manure can be directly dropped to the ground. Drinking and manure removal equipment and ladder cages the same. The horizontal chicken coop does not need to be equipped with a corridor, so the feeding density of the house is higher than that of the full ladder type, but the feeding, drinking, manure removal and eggs must all be mechanized. Therefore, the mechanical equipment used must be reliable and highly dependent on electricity. Once power is cut off ,The consequences could be disastrous.