Monday, 06 July 2020 09:12

Feeding "Four Attentions" in Laying Hens

In the process of laying chickens in laying hen cages, in order to give better performance to laying hens, in addition to paying attention to daily feeding management, the feeding work is also very important. Whether the nutrition of the feed is balanced is to protect the eggs The key to achieving nutritional standards in chickens, so feeding farmers can’t ignore them. Let’s talk about the four precautions for feeding chickens in several laying hen cages. I hope that farmers can avoid misunderstandings and feed reasonably. Layer chicken flock.


1. Don't feed chicken with raw bean cake: protein is a necessary nutrient for laying hens, and bean cake farmers know that it is a good protein nutrition raw material, but raw bean cake contains anti-trypsin, hemagglutinin and other substances. Feeding chicken directly with it will not only reduce the utilization rate of soybean cake, but also hinder the growth and development of chicks and affect the egg production of chickens. The correct way is to cook the raw bean cake to destroy the harmful substances. In this way, the chicken can grow fast and lay more eggs.

2. Don’t overfeed fish meal with fish: animal feed is also a nutrient raw material often added by farmers. Fish meal is an animal raw material rich in high protein and is a necessary substance in feed, but if the farmer gives chickens Feeding more fish meal not only increases the cost, but also makes chickens sick with vomiting. Therefore, when using fishmeal to prepare feed, the dosage must be controlled below 10%, and the chickens must be carefully observed. Once vomiting disease is found, the fishmeal dosage should be adjusted in time.





3. Don't feed chickens if the eggshells are not sterilized: the formation of eggshells requires a lot of calcium, so calcium is an indispensable nutrient in the production of laying hens. Similarly, eggshells are also a good calcium- based feed for feeding eggs The shell is easy to absorb, improves egg production rate, and has a good effect on the prevention and treatment of rickets and soft egg production. Therefore, it is very popular with farmers. Most farmers will feed eggs and eggshells for calcium supplementation, but farmers should pay attention to eggshells that are easy to deteriorate and not easy to store for a long time. Therefore, the eggshell must be dried, sterilized and stored properly to receive good results.


4. Don't feed raw grains to chickens: Many farmers choose to use raw grains for feeding to laying hens and chickens, but this is wrong. If farmers use raw grains to feed chickens, they will waste food. It can't get good benefits, because chickens have no teeth, the digestive tract is short, and the raw grain is difficult to digest, which can't meet the nutritional needs of the chicken. Chicken feeding is much better.


The above is the four "don't" feeding chickens in the process of laying hens in Poultry Equipment for Sale. I hope that farmers can pay attention to the above wrong feeding methods after learning these contents, and scientifically and rationally feed laying hens to improve The economic benefits of farmers.