Monday, 25 November 2019 08:41

What are the measures for raising chickens in chicken farms?

Raising chickens is something that every chicken-and-hobby friend wants to do in cage system poultry house in kenya. The complexity of raising chickens is not so complicated, but it is still simple to ask the farmers to be more careful on weekdays. Let's take a look at how to raise chickens? What do you need to do most?



The air quality of the chicken house directly affects the health of the chickens, especially ammonia smell, carbon monoxide, etc., timely replacement of litter, timely cleaning of chicken manure, disinfection, poor air quality directly leads to one of the most important factors inducing chicken respiratory disease, if timely Improving air quality and reducing respiratory diseases saves farmers a lot of money. The temperature of the house is not only depends on the thermometer. If the chickens are piled together, the temperature is low. If a large group of mouths breathe, the increase in the amount of water indicates that the temperature of the house is high. The air is dry in autumn and winter, and there is too much dust on the ground. It is easy to cause respiratory diseases in poultry. The occurrence of this can be done on the ground, because the lighting required by the flocks at each stage is different, so it depends on the situation.




The daily mental state of the flock determines the state of health, the feathers are neat and clean, the feathers are shiny; the abdomen is soft; there are no bleeding marks in the umbilicus, the flocks are lively and active, the eyes are big and the feet are strong; the sound is loud and brittle; Full, struggling. Observe the status of the flock in advance through the feces. The healthy feces of the chickens are strips and piles. If the feces are too dry or too thin, it proves that the chickens have gone wrong. At this time, both feed and disease should be considered.


Observe the casualties of the flock in battery cage system for layers price in india, which is the case of the weak chicks. The weak chicks should be singled out for treatment. The casualties are planed to see what symptoms and then prevent and treat them.