Tuesday, 27 August 2019 09:47

What are the advantages of raising chickens in chicken cages?

Nowadays, farmers have started to use automatic poultry farming equipment to raise chickens. Chicken cages are the most common method of raising chickens. What are the advantages of using chicken cages?





Chicken cages are kept in cages welded with wire. Different types of chicken cages are designed according to the breed, sex and age of the chicken. Chicken cage chicken raising is a three-dimensional feeding method commonly used in chicken production, and it is also the main form of feeding from the ground. The breeding density is large, and the chickens in the same area are raised 3 to 5 times more than the flats, thus saving the houses and the land. The main advantages of chicken cages: First, the flocks are well-prevented and effective in preventing infectious diseases: chickens do not touch the feces, which can make the chickens grow healthier and provide a clean and comfortable growth environment for the chickens. Secondly, the degree of automation is high: automatic feeding, drinking water, clearing dung, wet curtain cooling, centralized management, automatic control, saving energy, improving labor productivity, reducing the cost of artificial breeding, and greatly improving the breeding efficiency of farmers. Rugged and durable: The chicken cage complete equipment uses hot dip zinc process, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and the service life can be as long as 15~20 years.


There is no need to lay litter in the house, which can save the cost of litter. The chicken house is clean, the environment is hygienic, the eggs are not contaminated by feces, and the quality of the products is improved. The use of chicken cages to raise chickens can save the farmed feed: caged chickens can save a large amount of farmed feed, the chickens are kept in cages, the amount of exercise is reduced, and the energy consumption is small. Waste material is reduced. In short, when raising chickens, it is best to use chicken cages to raise chickens because they have hundreds of chickens. However, it is also necessary to remind the majority of breeding users that chickens in chicken cages must pay attention to the hygiene in the poultry farming cage. Always disinfect regularly.