Friday, 23 August 2019 09:28

Analysis of several reasons for excessive mortality of chicks

If the temperature of the house and the poultry farming cage is relatively low when raising the chicks, there is a fairly high mortality rate in the first week, especially on the third day. If the low temperature lasts for a long time, it can cause a large number of deaths. Analysis of the causes of low temperature environment in chicks: the outside temperature is too low, the insulation of the house is poor, the heating capacity is weak (or power outages at night, blackouts, gas breaks, etc.); there is cold wind in the chicken house, and the chicks cannot resist.



Chicks' tolerance to high temperatures is largely affected by moisture and ventilation. Temporary high temperature, chicks have certain adaptability and regulation ability, but in the long-term high temperature environment, the body temperature regulation mechanism can not resist, if it exceeds a certain limit, the chick will die. Expressing mouth and gasping, away from heat, laziness, loss of appetite, increased drinking water, decreased or increased body temperature, and chicks continue to die. Even if there is not a large number of deaths, due to high fever, affecting the appetite of the chicks, leading to hunger, stagnant growth and development, can also induce other diseases. Analysis of the causes of high temperature environment in chicks: the outside temperature is too high, the humidity in the poultry house is too large, the ventilation performance is poor, and the density of chicks is high.





There are many factors that influence the feeding and appetite of the chicks, causing hunger and death. Analysis of the causes of hunger in chicks: Poor environmental factors: such as chilling, overheating, excessive humidity, poor ventilation, noise, excessive light, excessive density of chicks, etc.; lack of water or trays, water trays Insufficient, improper placement (such as too cold, too hot or too far);There is a problem with the quality of the feed.



The lack of water in chicks can also cause the death of chicks, causing the lack of water in chicks: insufficient supply of drinking water, or continuous supply; too few drinking fountains, or places that are too cold, too hot, too far away, young chicks are inaccessible; drinking water Poor palatability or odor.



There is too much ammonia in the chicken house and automatic poultry farming equipment, lack of oxygen or carbon dioxide poisoning. This is because the chicken house is not ventilated in time. We should promptly ventilate the house to avoid ammonia and harmful gases. The appearance of the chicken caused the death.