Thursday, 21 June 2018 07:24

Farming Points and Management For Free-range Chickens

Farmers can choose the right brooding season in order to facilitate the grazing of ecological chickens. The best season of farming is in March to May, when the survival rate of brooding is high. By the middle chicken stage, due to suitable temperatures and long hours of outdoor activities, it can be fully exercised and exercised, resulting in strong physique, which is very beneficial to natural grazing, feeding and prevention of natural enemies in the future. Spring chicks are sexually mature and have long duration of egg production, especially chicks hatching in early spring.

Feeds on ecological chickens must be organic feed. Therefore, when planting ecological chicken feed ingredients, it must comply with the requirements of organic foods, and animal feeding supplements that are artificially supplemented must also comply with the standards for the production of organic foods. It is forbidden to add chemicals during the production of artificial feed to ensure the quality of ecological chickens. The quality of natural feeds depends on the natural environment. There are natural forages, mature fruit and various natural insects. Only ecological chickens have enough natural feed and nutrition to produce high-quality products with high nutritional value and nourishing properties.