Thursday, 17 January 2019 08:44

What to do with soft shell eggs

For laying hens, egg production rate and egg quality are very important, and it is also directly related to the economic benefits of laying hens. If too much soft shell egg will affect the income, how should it be improved?

In fact, the main reason for the appearance of soft shell eggs is that the intake of calcium in the laying hens is insufficient. The lack of calcium leads to the thinning of the eggshells, so there will be soft shell eggs or even shelless eggs, so it must be in daily breeding. Pay attention to the calcium supplementation of laying hens. The calcium required for eggshell formation is mostly derived from feed, so feed is an important factor.

For calcium supplementation in laying hens in poultry farming equipment for sale, it is necessary to choose a suitable calcium material. Usually, when calcium is added to the laying hen, two or more kinds of calcium materials can be selected for calcium supplementation,which is better.

The best time for calcium supplementation is mainly 2-4 pm, which is most suitable because only the calcium absorbed in the afternoon or evening will participate in the formation of the eggshell at night, and the afternoon is the peak of the feeding of the hens in the afternoon. At this time, the appetite is high and the food is eaten, so the effect of calcium supplementation at this time is the best.

The higher the calcium content of the feed, the better, otherwise it will be unfavorable for laying eggs. Timely calcium supplementation for laying hens will have a good benefit. If the calcium content is insufficient, it will lead to an increase in the production of soft shell eggs and a certain loss.