Wednesday, 26 December 2018 03:03

Suggestions for building a chicken house

The chicken house has two types: open house (common house) and closed house.

The common form of open house is that there are walls on all sides, large windows on the south wall and small windows on the north wall. All or most of these houses are naturally ventilated and naturally lit, and the temperature and humidity in the house vary substantially with the seasons. Ventilation and lighting equipment is often required in this type of house to supplement the lack of ventilation and lighting under natural conditions.

Closed house is also known as a windowless house. The roof of the chicken house is well insulated from the four walls, and there is no window on all sides. The interior environment is adjusted by manual or instrument control. Artificial ventilation and light are used in the house to control the temperature, humidity and air composition of the house by changing the amount of ventilation.

So what are the structural requirements of the various parts of the house?

The foundation should be deep and strong. The floor of the chicken house should be 20~30 cm higher than the outside, moisture-proof, flat, easy to clean and disinfect.

The material with good thermal insulation effect is selected, and the heat insulation performance is good, which can protect poultry farming equipment.

Roof: In addition to the single-sloping roof of the chicken house with a small span, the double-slope type is generally used.