Tuesday, 26 July 2022 09:24

A Type Poultry Cages VS H Type Poultry Cages in Chicken Farm

With the increasing number of large-scale chicken farms, it is more contradictory for chicken farms to choose automated poultry cages for equipment, and they do not know how to choose. The following poultry equipment manufacturers will introduce to you how to make decisions on the selection of equipment for your reference


A Type Layer Cages

The laying hen equipment is a type A chicken coop. You can choose to install two types of manure cleaning: scraper cleaning and belt cleaning. It is a relatively early use of laying hen breeding equipment. If your coop can hold 5000-30000 birds. A-type battery layer cages are very suitable.




  1. The cost is low, and the breeding density is higher than that of flat breeding.
  2. The open area of each layer of chicken coop is large, even if it is an open chicken house, the ventilation effect is good.
  3. Reasonable design, easy to operate,
  4. Easy maintenance and long service life.
  5. The easy-to-open spring-loaded door makes it easy to observe and move the pullets.



  1. The area is relatively large, and the space utilization rate is low compared with the H-type chicken cages;
  2. The labor intensity of workers is high;
  3. The chicken manure on the upper tierof the chicken cage will fall to the chickens on the lower tier, which is not conducive to the health of the chickens and the integrity of the feathers.


H Type Poultry Cages


Chicken cages are tiered on top of each other like buildings. This kind of equipment was developed later, due to the increasing shortage of land resources, less and less land can be used for breeding. Therefore, more and more customers increase the stocking density, just to save land, and the degree of intensification is getting higher and higher.




  1. Vertically battery chicken cages save more floor space, increase the number of feeding, reduce labor and management costs, and ultimately bring considerable profits to chicken farmers.
  2. There is a manure removal belt at the bottom of each cage, which is clean and hygienic, allowing the chickens to grow healthily and less pollution to the environment.
  3. Small footprint, high space utilization, easy to achieve intensive and large-scale breeding;
  4. Sliding cage door, the opening is convenient and large, and it is easier to catch chickens.



  1. It adopts closed type and automatic temperature control, otherwise it is difficult to control the temperature inside the chicken house.
  2. There are at least tens of thousands of chickens in a chicken house, and the risk factor is relatively high.


Based on the above situation, I believe everyone knows how to choose. The chicken farmer still choose the equipment that suits them according to their total amount of laying hens and investment.