Friday, 05 November 2021 08:56

Pay attention to the feed configuration of chickens in layer cages

Battery chicken cages to raise chickens live in cages, and the source of nutrition is feed. In order to ensure that the laying hens get balanced nutrition, farmers can choose and feed according to a series of nutrients to achieve balanced nutrition in the laying hens and ensure the laying hens Good egg production performance.

  1. The content of salt should not be too high: Salt is a raw material and must be added in the process of preparing feed. It can increase appetite and prevent feathers and anus pecking. However, if the farmers add too much salt to the chicken feed, it will cause the laying hens to be thirsty and then need a lot of water, which will lead to excessive drinking water and frequent intense diarrhea. In addition, farmers should pay attention to the rich salt in fish meal, so farmers must control the amount of salt when adding, so as to avoid excessive salt in the feed, causing diarrhea in laying hens.
  2. The amount of stone powder should not be too high: stone powder is also a raw material that farmers often add when preparing feed, but it should be noted that if the amount of stone powder in the diet is too high or increase too fast, it will cause excessive blood calcium in laying hens and increase The kidneys are burdened, causing the kidneys to swell. This will eventually lead to diarrhea. When preparing the feed, the editor reminds farmers that the amount of stone powder should be gradually increased with the increase in laying rate of laying hens, and should not be added too much at once.
  3. Prevent mildew of raw materials: High temperature and high humidity can easily lead to mildew of feed, so moldy feed farmers should not feed them to laying hens, because moldy feed contains some toxins, which can stimulate and destroy the intestinal mucosa of laying hens. , Which in turn leads to increased intestinal mucosal permeability of laying hens, leading to diarrhea in laying hens.



Automatic poultry chicken equipment manufacturers here remind farmers to pay attention to the nutritional balance of the feed to ensure that the chickens receive adequate nutrition and grow healthier.