Wednesday, 27 October 2021 09:58

Measures to reduce the mortality of laying hens

In the breeding process, if there is a death of laying hens, it is undoubtedly the most sad and worrying for farmers. Therefore, in order to prevent this situation from occurring as little as possible, farmers should strengthen the daily management of the chicken cages.

Use layer battery cages to raise chickens. The layer cage has a modern system and lives in the home cage. Farmers can pay attention to the status of the chickens, and if they find sick chickens, they can take immediate treatment.

Farmers should formulate reasonable immunization procedures. Timely immunization is one of the most important ways to prevent chickens from getting sick. The time of vaccination should also be determined based on the health of the flock.

Use automated chicken farming equipment to manage the chicken house. Farmers can use the automatic manure removal system to clean the chicken manure out of the chicken house on time. This will create a clean living environment for the chickens and reduce their illnesses.

In short, the use of automatic poultry chicken farming systems can not only help reduce the mortality of chickens, but also create a good chicken house environment for chickens to promote healthy growth of chickens. The automated poultry farming subsystem mainly includes chicken cages, automated manure removal systems, automated drinking water systems, automated egg collection systems, automatic feeding systems, and automatic ventilation systems. They assist in cooperation, just to make it easier for farmers to raise chickens.