Monday, 25 October 2021 08:55

How to manage the battery hen cages before laying eggs?

Now that science and technology are advanced, people's breeding is becoming more and more standardized, and more and more chickens are raised using poultry chicken raising equipment. So how should we manage the use of battery hen cages before laying eggs?

First of all, we must feed scientifically, do not increase or decrease the feed at will. The main reason for the change of feed for laying hens is that the production chickens need calcium supplementation.

If calcium is supplemented too early, the growing chicken will not have the absorption function. If calcium supplementation is too late, it may cause poor egg shell quality. Some farmers are always blindly confident and increase or decrease feed at will. This may cause the egg production to not become a scientific curve and affect the income of farmers. Therefore, farmers must insist on scientific feed feeding.

Secondly, scientifically increase the light time. After entering the laying period, the light time should be extended in the chicken house, and the light time should be gradually increased according to the weight of the laying hens from 18 weeks to 20 weeks of age. After the longest exposure time is 15-16 hours, it remains unchanged. Some farmers always want to advance the egg laying time and increase the light time at will, which may affect the laying cycle, and the gains outweigh the losses. Therefore, farmers must follow the scientific rules and gradually increase the light time.

Finally, maintaining a quiet environment in the chicken house is crucial. As we all know, the harsh noise of chickens, especially the laying hens, must keep the chicken house quiet to avoid excessive reactions. After laying the first two eggs, the laying hens are extremely excited, and even behave a little nervously or move abnormally. At this time, it is necessary to keep the chicken house as quiet as possible to avoid disturbing the laying cycle.

The above is the summary of how the layer cages should be managed before the laying hens lay eggs. Hope that the farmers can manage the chicken coop well.