Thursday, 26 August 2021 09:24

Is the cost of raising chickens in layer cages high?


Now caged laying hens have become the first choice for farmers. But for many novice farmers who raise chickens peacefully, they have this question. Is it that the cost of raising chickens with automated chicken farming equipment is high?


The answer is that the cost of breeding will be high. The following will introduce why high-cost farmers are still willing to use it.


First of all, the chicken cage equipment adopts a multi-layer cage method. The chicken coop has three, four or more layers. Therefore, farmers using chicken cages can raise three, four times or even more laying hens. Cage raising increases the utilization of chicken house area. As the number of chicken houses increases, so does the income of farmers.



Multi-layer chicken cages raise chickens. The area above the chicken coop is also effectively used. And the feces produced by the chickens in the cage can fall on the ground or on the conveyor belt. The flocks will not come into contact with feces. This reduces the number of fecal infections. This allows the chickens to lay eggs earlier.


Laying hens are raised in chicken cages. Laying broilers live in chicken coops for a long time. The stocking density is relatively large, so there is very little space for chicken activities. If the activity of broilers is less, the energy consumption will be reduced, and the feed required will be reduced. Cage can effectively save more than 20% of feed cost.


Farmers use chicken farming equipment to raise chickens. It is very convenient to drink and feed. Farmers can save a lot of space to manage the flock and deal with other things. Improve the labor efficiency of farmers.


The quality of the chicken coop is good. Chicken farming equipment can be used for more than ten years. Farmers choose the hot-dip galvanizing process when buying. Buy duplex, anti-aging. Numerous batches of chickens can be raised.