Tuesday, 24 August 2021 10:02

Laying hen cage manufacturers analyze the causes of calcium deficiency in laying hens

In the process of raising chickens in automated layer cages, the comprehensiveness of feed nutrients is the basis for improving the high yield of layer hens. Sometimes the egg shell becomes thin and easy to break, and the color varies from light to dark. It means that the laying hens are lacking in calcium.


The first layer lacks calcium content in the feed. Farmers should know that calcium is an essential nutrient substance for laying hens to grow and lay eggs. It should be adjusted according to the growth of the laying hens and the laying situation. Therefore, farmers should pay attention to calcium supplementation for laying hens.



The nutrients of calcium and phosphorus in the feed are not balanced. Farmers should pay attention to whether the nutrients in the breeding are balanced. Too much phosphorus will affect the absorption of calcium. Calcium and phosphorus affect the strength of the eggshell.


Long-term cage breeding and lack of light: Most farmers now use the method of raising chickens in layer cages to raise layer hens. Most of the chicken houses are closed, so the layer chickens cannot get effective light. Farmers need to purchase lighting equipment for artificial lighting. But if the farmers do not perform the proper order, it will affect the absorption of calcium in the laying hens. At the same time, when the supplemented concentrate calcium is less, there will be a lack of calcium.


The above are the several reasons why layer cage manufacturers have summarized the calcium deficiency of layers for farmers. I hope that the above description can bring some help to farmers.