Friday, 06 August 2021 09:51

How to ensure the laying rate of laying hens in summer?

The high temperature in summer will affect the laying rate of laying hens to varying degrees. Here are some practical methods to ensure the high yield and stable production of laying hens raised in automatic chicken battery cage density through the summer.

Implement strict sanitation and disinfection measures

Summer spray disinfection can not only kill germs and purify the air in the house, but also lower the temperature of the house. It should be carried out at 10 am and 3 pm, but attention should be paid to the spray speed and the height should be appropriate. The spray diameter should be moderate. The disinfectant used must be efficient, non-toxic and side-effects, strong adhesion, and low irritating odor. So as not to induce respiratory diseases in chickens. Cause unnecessary losses.

Protect the chicken's own cooling and heatstroke prevention behavior

In order to adapt to hot weather conditions. Chickens often have some instinctive behaviors. If you open your mouth to breathe in order to dissipate heat, spread your wings. Increasing the contact area between the epidermis and the air and facilitating conduction and heat dissipation are all instinctive responses of chickens to adapt to high temperatures. Should be protected.

Use automatic ventilation system

When the temperature exceeds 30°C. The ceiling fan can be turned on to cool down the open type chicken house, and the closed type chicken house can adopt the longitudinal ventilation method to cool down. That is, an energy air outlet is set at the front door of the chicken house, and an exhaust outlet is set at the back door. A certain number of high-power exhaust fans are reasonably and evenly set up according to the size of the chicken house, and the west side windows are closed when the wind is active to prevent hot air from being injected. After the fan is turned on, the discharge of dirty air in the house and the injection of outdoor fresh air can be accelerated, effectively reducing the temperature of the house.