Tuesday, 08 September 2020 09:23

Maintenance and maintenance of automatic layer breeding equipment

If a breeding farm wants to be industrialized, large-scale breeding is inseparable from automatic layer breeding machinery and equipment. Automatic layer breeding machinery and equipment are good assistants to assist layer farmers in the breeding work. Nowadays, the chicken breeding equipment is very good. Mechanical automation can be applied for a long time. This requires farms to carry out timely maintenance and maintenance of machinery and equipment, so as to ensure that all machinery and equipment can be maintained for the long-term normal work of the farm. The working efficiency of the chicken farm is the maintenance and maintenance of the following automatic layer breeding machinery and equipment.


The key of automatic layer breeding machinery and equipment includes: automatic manure cleaning machine, automatic feeding machine, automatic egg picking machine, each of which will describe the key points of maintenance of machinery and equipment.




1. Automatic manure cleaning machine: After the farm has applied the manure cleaning machine for a period of time, the manure removal belt will increase and increase the slack. Maintenance of rolling bearings and rubber sticks. Rolling bearings should be added with unsalted butter on time. The glue sticks should be kept tight and not loose. In addition, many farms have a roll-up of manure removal opportunities. Farms will remove manure belts in passive rolling. The position of the barrel can be leveled.


2. Automatic feeder: When the feeder is in use, the farm must pay attention to the fact that no items can be placed on the feeder, otherwise it will cause the motor to withstand too much force and burn the motor. The application of the feeder Make sure that the transmission chain and gears have a certain level of lubrication, otherwise the lack of lubrication will destroy the equipment. The farm should pay attention to regular maintenance. The feeder is mainly produced by skin to transport concentrated feed, so the farm should be maintained regularly Is the transmission belt intact? Is the level of tightness moderate? The control cabinet of the feeder will have a lot of dust due to dust caused by the concentrate. In the long term, it will cause short-circuit failure of the internal power circuit. The farm should carry out the removal on time.


3. Fully automatic egg picker: When the farm uses an automatic egg picker, it is necessary to pay attention to the detailed learning and training of the appropriate operation steps of the machine equipment. If the wrong operation is very easy to cause damage to the machine and equipment, use the egg picker After that, you must pay attention to frequent disinfection and sterilization, because some chicken excrement, feather dusters and other items containing pathogens are inevitably left in the whole process of application of machinery and equipment. If you have been using a machine that carries pathogens and does not often clean up If the equipment is available, the quality of the eggs will be reduced.