Friday, 03 July 2020 07:29

Introduction and selection of automatic chicken breeding equipment

In today's chicken industry, the methods of raising chickens are no longer the same as before. The continuous development of technology has driven the progress of the chicken industry, and chickens are developing towards large-scale and intensive methods. And now chicken farming is no longer an era of full manpower. The emergence of various types of automated chicken farming equipment has allowed farmers to experience the human management equipment and the ease of equipment for chicken farming. The author will talk about the introduction and selection of automatic chicken breeding equipment.

Among the chicken breeding equipment, the automatic chicken breeding equipment mainly includes: automatic manure cleaner, egg picker, feeder and other equipment. It can enable the farmer's chicken house to realize the tedious and time-consuming work such as automatic dung cleaning, feeding and egg picking. Freeing the hands of farmers to give farmers more time to manage chicken flocks, the advantages of using these devices for chicken farming are:

1. It can realize large-scale breeding of chickens by farmers, and the use of these equipments plus the laying cage breeding method can allow farmers to raise tens of thousands of layers. And it can also be easily managed. With a large number of breeding, the economic benefits of the farmers increase a lot.

2. The use of automated equipment can ensure the sanitation of the chicken house. For example, the manure cleaning machine can automatically clean the manure regularly, and timely clean out the manure produced by the chickens, so that the probability of bacteria and ammonia generated by the chicken house is reduced. The chicken coop has a good environment and the chickens grow naturally.

3. Without these automated equipment, farmers need to hire manpower to complete the work of raising chicken manure, feeding, etc. The monthly salary of workers is a large expense. Now with automated equipment, you can reduce the use of these labor and reduce the cost of raising chickens.

4. When raising layer hens and broilers, using cages can facilitate the treatment and management of diseases. Cage keeping allows farmers to treat layer hens when they are sick, and the difficulty of treatment is greatly reduced. And the environmental control of the automatic chicken house is better, and it can also ensure that the layer is in good physical condition.

The above is the introduction and selection of automatic chicken breeding equipment in Pakistan for the author. I believe that after understanding the advantages of the above-mentioned automated chicken breeding equipment, farmers will understand why automated breeding can become the mainstream and trend of the chicken industry. These equipments are a good helper for farmers and ideal for driving farmers' economy.