Tuesday, 19 November 2019 08:56

How to ventilate the chicken house manufacturers

Ventilation in the house is a daily and important thing, and now the chicken factory is a closed chicken house, so the farmers will use some ventilation chicken automated poultry equipment in nigeria to properly ventilate the chicken house, the chicken The harmful gases from the house are discharged, so that the flocks can breathe fresh air. How should the house be properly ventilated?


First, to ensure the tightness of the house: the premise of using the equipment for effective ventilation is that the tightness of the house is better, because only the closed house can use the equipment to let fresh air enter the house. Therefore, this requires farmers to pay attention to the inspection of the tightness of the house, for the poorly sealed house, to find the place where the air leakage is serious, especially the front and rear doors, the slab and the water curtain In other places, in addition to the high temperature period, the vertical ventilation system is mainly used, and the wet curtain cooling system is used.




Second, to ensure the matching of the chicken group demand and ventilation in the chicken house: the farmers will choose to use the chicken equipment fan equipment for equipment ventilation, and then use negative pressure ventilation to improve the wind speed inside the house and ensure the ventilation effect. When using longitudinal ventilation (especially when using a wet curtain), close the small windows of the house. If you open the small window, the wind speed will be unevenly distributed.


Third, the use of air inlets and water curtains should be matched with the fan: the number of fans and wet curtains for chicken equipment should match the house to obtain good ventilation and cooling effect. The size of the air inlet should be matched with the fan, the purpose is to make the chicken The ventilation is even and effective, and the static pressure inside the house is appropriate.


Fourth, create a suitable somatosensory temperature: farmers should pay attention to whether the ventilation management of the house is effective, whether the chicken is comfortable, not only the temperature displayed by the thermometer and the thermostat, must be judged according to the somatosensory temperature of the chicken and the performance of the flock : So farmers can go to the type H of bettery cage system to observe the flock and see how their mental state.