Thursday, 19 September 2019 09:05

What is the hazard of excessive humidity in the farm house? Chicken house dehumidification measures

The environmental factors in the chicken house are very important for the growth and production performance of the chicken in the chicken cage. In addition to the conditions of temperature and light, the humidity in the house is also a very important indicator of the house environment, and the humidity in the house is generally maintained. At 50-60%, too high humidity will affect the air in the house, and it is easy to breed some bacterial bacteria that cause the chicken to get sick in chicken battery cages .


Hazard of excessive humidity:

Excessive humidity in the house causes the decomposition of feces to produce more harmful gases, causing frequent respiratory diseases in the flock. The humid environment is prone to cause coccidiosis, especially on the ground, and the humidity in the hot season is too high, which makes the chicken house hot and humid, and the chickens are prone to heatstroke. The brooding period coincides with the high temperature, which causes the chicks to suffocate and the humidity in the house is high, which is extremely unfavorable to the growth and production performance of the chickens in poultry farm equipment cost in nigeria.




Take measures:

Reasonable selection of the site of the chicken house, it is necessary to choose a place where the terrain is high and dry, which is conducive to drainage, flood control, ventilation, and quiet environment. The house should be built to face the south, in order to facilitate the insulation and moisture. Strengthen ventilation and ventilation, under the premise of moderate insulation, ventilation should be strengthened to avoid the gathering of moisture in the house. Maintain proper breeding density, high stocking density, and crowded chickens are not conducive to moisture protection. In particular, chickens that are raised on the ground should pay attention to this.


Prevent water leakage from drinking utensils and find that water leakage from drinking utensils should be sealed or replaced according to specific conditions; timely remove and dry the leaking water on the ground of the chicken house to eliminate the unfavorable factors of water vapor formation. The above is the hazard of excessive humidity in the house, and the measures to prevent moisture. Of course, the humidity is too high, but if the humidity is too low, the chicks will be dehydrated, grow slowly, and will increase the dust content in the air. If the humidity is too Low, spray water can be used to achieve the appropriate humidity.