Thursday, 21 June 2018 07:32

Attention Chicken Farming Points in Summer

  • ┬áDo not mix the feed water with porridge-like chicken. Thinners tend to dilute the digestive juices and reduce the activity of various digestive enzymes, resulting in incomplete feed digestion, poor nutrient absorption, and even indigestion, which greatly reduces feed utilization. Chickens are also prone to fat deposits because of their thinner skin, and their subcutaneous fat is too thick to cater to consumer preferences.
  • Try to use a free drinking fountain, or plastic cover drinking fountains, such as the use of plastic cover drinking fountains best hanging up, to the chicken can drink water is appropriate to ensure that the chicken has sufficient clean drinking water.

  • When the weather is hot, it can be fed in the morning and in the evening and it can improve the feed intake of chickens. Wet material can be used at noon, and the ratio of material to water is suitable for 1:0.5-2. The degree of opening is better. Generally, feeding dry materials in the morning and feeding wet materials at noon can stimulate chickens to eat more food.
  • When your chickens run into high temperature, you can add glucose and vitamin C to your drinking water, which can increase the energy lost due to lack of feed intake. It can also enhance the chicken's physique and anti-stress ability. It also has certain auxiliary treatment effects on high fever.