Layer Chicken Farms - Poultry Farming Strategies of Layers and Broilers

The use of chicken cages to raise chickens is a popular chicken raising method in the chicken industry. The chicken cages are raised in a multi-layer cage. The breeding density is large and the number is large. It is very popular among farmers, using chicken cages to raise chickens, and which are Need to pay attention to the chickens to pay attention to the matter, only pay attention to all aspects of feeding points, scientific and reasonable breeding can be able to raise the higher yield of the chickens, the following authors to tell the majority of farmers to use the chicken battery cages in spring Chicken's precautions.

1. Humidity

Relative humidity is preferably 60% to 70%. Higher humidity is beneficial to the survival and reproduction of microorganisms. If accompanied by low temperature, it will increase the risk of low temperature. When the humidity is low, the chicken house is dry, which is easy to induce respiratory diseases of the chicken. Especially when the chicken is in a dry environment for a long time, it may cause dehydration and weakness. Therefore, we must pay attention to the adjustment of the humidity of the house. In winter, the litter is relatively dry and should be sprinkled or spray disinfected frequently.

2. Temperature

The suitable temperature for laying hens is about 20 °C, and the minimum should not be lower than 13 °C. If the temperature inside the house is not up to the required temperature and the temperature difference is too large, it is necessary to manually increase the temperature and keep it as relatively stable as possible.
3. Harmful gas

The most harmful gas to chickens is ammonia, which stimulates the sensory organs of chickens, induces respiratory diseases, and reduces feed efficiency. When you enter the house, you can smell the smell of ammonia, indicating that the ammonia in the house has already exceeded the standard. Chicken houses that are warmed by coal stoves should be protected against carbon monoxide poisoning. When the harmful gas is excessive, take appropriate measures immediately, such as increasing the ventilation volume and changing the litter, so as to reduce and eliminate the harm to chickens.

4. Ventilation

When the air in the morning is relatively dirty, if it is necessary to increase the ventilation, it should be gradually increased. It is best to carry out at a high temperature at noon. It is better to use a shorter ventilation time and multiple passes. If the chicken is found to be disease-free, snoring and breathing, the dust in the house is full and the odor is very strong, indicating that the air in the house is extremely dirty, and ventilation should be strengthened immediately. However, to prevent thieves, it is common to install elbow-type ventilation on the leeward wall to prevent the chickens from being directly exposed to the wind.


The number of chickens per square meter of feeding area in chicken layer cages for sale is called the stocking density. The feeding and drinking position occupied by each chicken is also an indispensable condition for mastering the stocking density. If the density is too large, the chickens are crowded, the environmental humidity is increased, the feeding is uneven, the chicks are not well-developed, the disease and convulsions are susceptible, the chicks are weakened, the mortality rate increases, and the growth rate decreases.

The low density of chickens raised in wire chicken cages for sale is beneficial to the survival and growth of the chicks, but it is not conducive to heat preservation and is not economical. The density should be adjusted according to the type, variety, brooding mode, season, age, ventilation status of the chicks. Automated farming equipment cage brooding should be correspondingly increased with age, the density should be reduced by about 30% at 3 - 4 weeks of age, and by about 15% at 5-6 weeks.

In the process of raising chickens, the temperature of the chicken battery cages is one of the important factors that can affect the health of the entire flock. Regardless of the type of chicken, the demand for temperature is very high, and a slight inadvertent disease can occur. The temperature required for different breeding stages of the flock is also different. Chicken farmers are required to breed according to this standard, and the flock can grow better and produce higher benefits. And the majority of chicken farmers can set the temperature from the performance of the flock, what is it?

1, group performance

The proper temperature is that the chickens are evacuated and even, the body is stretched, and some chickens breathe as evidence. If they are piled away from the heat source, the respiratory rate will increase, especially if the chest breathing is increased, and the temperature is too high; if it is near When the heat source is piled up and the respiratory rate is lowered, the temperature is too low. However, the premise of this testimony is that the humidity is appropriate and the flock is healthy. If these two premises are lacking, they cannot be fully referenced.



2, individual performance

If we enter the chicken cages for sale, we find that many chickens are stretched, and the neck hair is reversed, the head is tied down or the neck is lowered, and the pneumonia is caused by low humidity and high temperature. If the hand is under the wing and the abdomen is hot, then the relatively low temperature needs to be supplied. Conversely, if the hand feels cold and the legs are blue, it is necessary to provide a higher temperature.


When the temperature of the house is within the set temperature range, according to the temperature table of the chicken, normal ventilation should be carried out in the house to ensure that the air in the house is fresh. The proper temperature in the house can make the body better. Stretching, if you find that the flock is breathing too fast or too slow, there is a problem with raising the house. In addition, if the flock is low or the neck is stretched, the chicken farmers should pay attention. The temperature that is too high or too low will cause discomfort in the flock and pneumonia. In addition, the chickens can be removed and the cause of the disease can be found. The majority of the chicken farmers can judge according to the actual situation of their own breeding.



Farmers can choose the right brooding season in order to facilitate the grazing of ecological chickens. The best season of farming is in March to May, when the survival rate of brooding is high. By the middle chicken stage, due to suitable temperatures and long hours of outdoor activities, it can be fully exercised and exercised, resulting in strong physique, which is very beneficial to natural grazing, feeding and prevention of natural enemies in the future. Spring chicks are sexually mature and have long duration of egg production, especially chicks hatching in early spring.

Feeds on ecological chickens must be organic feed. Therefore, when planting ecological chicken feed ingredients, it must comply with the requirements of organic foods, and animal feeding supplements that are artificially supplemented must also comply with the standards for the production of organic foods. It is forbidden to add chemicals during the production of artificial feed to ensure the quality of ecological chickens. The quality of natural feeds depends on the natural environment. There are natural forages, mature fruit and various natural insects. Only ecological chickens have enough natural feed and nutrition to produce high-quality products with high nutritional value and nourishing properties.

In the process of raising chickens, in addition to selecting reliable poultry equipment manufacturers. Experts believe that strengthening winter management is an important part of increasing egg production rate. Now let's talk about the management of chicken raising in winter.


In winter, the temperature is low, and the chicken consumes a lot of heat, so it is necessary to eat more feed. When the room temperature is lower than -5 °C, the chickens gather in a group, do not like activities, walk slowly, and the laying hens will also stop production. Below -10 ° C, the cockscomb will freeze. Other feeding and management conditions remain unchanged. If the room temperature can be raised to about 10 °C, the egg production rate can be increased. However, the room temperature is too high, and when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is very different, it is easy to cause a cold when the chicken is placed outside.



Therefore, the most suitable temperature in the room should be controlled at about 5 °C, so that the drinking water does not freeze, the chicken can disperse the activity, and the normal egg production is maintained. The method of heat preservation mainly makes the house tight, and there is no place for ventilation. It can also be densely fed and a windproof fence on the outside of the house and the playground. Thus, when the outdoor temperature is not lower than -30 ° C, the night temperature in the house can be maintained at 2 ° C - 3 ° C, 5 ° C - 7 ° C during the day, without burning fire for temperature. In areas where temperature is required, a fire wall can be built in the house to balance the temperature.


In winter, it is also important to keep the air fresh inside the house. Otherwise, due to lack of oxygen, it will affect the metabolism of the chicken and the egg production rate will decrease. Therefore, the vent should be opened frequently during the day. When the sun is sunny and the climate is warm, you can open the small window and then open the big window for ventilation. If the outdoor temperature is around 0 °C, the chicken can also be released from the house.


In winter, it is mainly based on house feeding, it is easy to accumulate manure, and the humidity in the house is high, which affects the health of the flock and the quality of the eggs. In order to keep the ground dry, a small amount of lime can be smeared when changing the grass.


In winter, not only should you pay attention to adequate nutrition, but also with a high-calorie grain feed. Long winter nights can increase the amount of feed when feeding the last pellets.


Drinking water should be kept warm, especially if you drink warm water in the morning to promote warming and promote exercise. In order to make the chickens exercise more, you can often feed the pellets in the sports field, or hang cabbage, radish, etc., so that the chickens can eat freely and run more. Conditional can be installed in the house to increase the light, one to warm, and the other to stimulate activities to promote egg production. Generally, the time between artificial lighting and daylighting is not less than 13 hours - 14 hours. Every other week, one-thousandth of potassium permanganate water is supplied in the morning, which can prevent chicken stomach and cornea from being ulcerated, and improve the rate of love and hatching.

The use of a full range of chicken equipment is becoming more and more popular in the chicken industry, and its advantages in the breeding process are becoming increasingly clear. Now, we will not introduce the advantages of the farmers in use. Today, we mainly bring farmers to understand some of the equipments included in the complete chicken equipment, so that farmers can know what to do when they purchase equipment. Easy to buy.




Chicken battery cages: chicken battery cages is the most basic equipment in the complete chicken equipment is also a must. Whether it is raising broilers or laying hens, you need to buy them. When using cages, the amount of culture can be increased and the area of the house can be saved.

Manuring system: The manuring system mainly refers to the manure removal machine. The manure removal machine is divided into a scraper manure removal machine and a belt manure removal machine. Both types of manure removal equipment can clean the faeces in the house and reduce air pollution. When the farmer purchases, he can choose the appropriate type of manure removal machine according to his own feeding situation.

Feeding system: Feeding system refers to the feeding machine. Farmers can feed the prepared feed with comprehensive nutritional value directly. The feeding machine can also control the feeding amount of the feed and ensure the chickens. The uniformity of the diet.

Ventilation and cooling system: The main ventilation and cooling system used in the house is the fan and the wet curtain. The scientific installation method uses the negative pressure to reduce the temperature inside the house. This will create a good living environment for the flock.

The egg-colletor: The egg-collector machine is mainly used in the equipment for breeding laying hens. The egg-collector machine can help the farmers to raise eggs, increase the number of eggs, and reduce the breakage rate of the eggs, thereby improving the economic benefits of the farmers.

The above is an introduction to the various equipment in the complete chicken Poultry Equipment for Sale. I hope that through the introduction today, the farmers can provide some help for the equipment.


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Advantages of layer battery equipment

The layer battery equipment manufacturers tells the advantages of the layer cage. Do you know any advantages of the layer cage? is that clear? It doesn't matter if it is unclear. Let's talk about the breeding advantages of layer cages.


Chicken farmers should know that chicken cages play a big role in the process of breeding. Especially the layer battery cages, it is a good protection for eggs, let's take a look at some of the advantages of laying chicken cages.


The equipment plays an important role in the breeding, especially in the laying of laying hens. The first part of the laying hen cage and the cage door show its advantages. The density of the cage and the angle of the egg are more and more manifested from these aspects. The benefits of chicken.



The benefits of the cage: the upper and lower cages are completely staggered, often seen in 2 to 3 layers. The advantage is that there is no need to set up a dung board at the bottom of the cage. For example, the manure pit may not have a clearing system. The structure is simple, and the ventilation and illumination areas of each layer are large.


1. The mesh of the egg cage is relatively smooth, which can prevent the chicken from being injured in the foot.


2. The egg cage and the bottom net are encrypted, which can effectively prevent the fatigue of the ankle and laying hens.


3. The mesh of the egg cage is galvanized, which can improve the service life of the chicken cage. Generally, it can be used for 10 or 15 years.


4. High-density feeding of egg cages is more economical, and is conducive to epidemic prevention, and can also reduce the incidence of poultry diseases.


5. The unique door reinforcement design of the egg cage can effectively prevent the chicken from wasting feed when eating. And because the cage door space is increased, it is more convenient to manage the chicken.

Nowadays, there are more and more chicken farms using farming equipment. Because the use of automatic poultry farm equipment price in ghana can reduce labor and increase the economic income of farmers, then we ca n’t just use unmaintained equipment, which will shorten the life of the farming equipment. So how should we maintain the breeding equipment?



First of all, in order to ensure the service life of the equipment, users are required to regularly fill the transmission box transmission sprocket and gears with lubricating oil when they are used once a month; Lubricate the manure system and the central egg delivery system. Clean the egg transfer roller and the surface of the manure roller in time to prevent the accumulation of debris to swell the manure belt or break the roller shaft.




Farmers should timely clean up the impurities in the soft and broken egg collection trays in the farm. The ventilation system should be adjusted appropriately for side wall ventilation and roof ventilation according to the season. The laying hens of the lighting bulbs should always be kept clean, and the maintenance of layer chicken cages price in nigeria should not affect the light intensity.



The dung cleaning system of the layered laying hen cages has a unique structure. A vertical decontamination belt is set under each layer of chicken cages, so that the chicken dung of each layer of chickens will be scattered on the decontamination belt. Under the action of vertical flowing air, most of the water in the chicken faeces Outside the house, the water content of chicken manure is greatly reduced. When the manure is cleaned, because the manure removal belt is flat and smooth, the chicken manure removed from the house is granular. Such chicken manure can be sold directly to farmers or processed into compound fertilizers, which not only improves economic efficiency, but also avoids Environmental pollution. The chicken manure has been air-dried in layers in the house without fermentation, and each time it is cleaned up, the ammonia concentration in the house is extremely low, and the air in the house is fresh. Reduced incidence of disease.