Layer Chicken Farms - Poultry Farming Strategies of Layers and Broilers

In summer, the temperature is getting higher, and the chicken's condition will be affected as the temperature rises. For poorly broiled chickens, feed intake will drop significantly, greatly affecting chicken health and egg production. How to adopt a reasonable method in the summer and adjust feed nutrition so that the health of the chicken and bring more production is a topic of concern for many farmers.


The addition of oils and fats in feeds can change the palatability of feed, prolong the stay of feed in the digestive tract, and increase the feed intake and digestion and absorption of laying hens. When adjusting the feed formulation, the protein content should not be increased but rather reduced. The content in the feed should be increased accordingly in accordance with the reduction in dietary intake.

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Advantages of layer battery equipment

The layer battery equipment manufacturers tells the advantages of the layer cage. Do you know any advantages of the layer cage? is that clear? It doesn't matter if it is unclear. Let's talk about the breeding advantages of layer cages.


Chicken farmers should know that chicken cages play a big role in the process of breeding. Especially the layer battery cages, it is a good protection for eggs, let's take a look at some of the advantages of laying chicken cages.


The equipment plays an important role in the breeding, especially in the laying of laying hens. The first part of the laying hen cage and the cage door show its advantages. The density of the cage and the angle of the egg are more and more manifested from these aspects. The benefits of chicken.



The benefits of the cage: the upper and lower cages are completely staggered, often seen in 2 to 3 layers. The advantage is that there is no need to set up a dung board at the bottom of the cage. For example, the manure pit may not have a clearing system. The structure is simple, and the ventilation and illumination areas of each layer are large.


1. The mesh of the egg cage is relatively smooth, which can prevent the chicken from being injured in the foot.


2. The egg cage and the bottom net are encrypted, which can effectively prevent the fatigue of the ankle and laying hens.


3. The mesh of the egg cage is galvanized, which can improve the service life of the chicken cage. Generally, it can be used for 10 or 15 years.


4. High-density feeding of egg cages is more economical, and is conducive to epidemic prevention, and can also reduce the incidence of poultry diseases.


5. The unique door reinforcement design of the egg cage can effectively prevent the chicken from wasting feed when eating. And because the cage door space is increased, it is more convenient to manage the chicken.

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Prevent chicken from stress response

Chickens are also avoided stress reactions occur in Poultry Equipment for Sale. There are many reasons for the stress response of laying hens. Poor management in all aspects may cause stress. Stress seriously affects the healthy growth and laying of laying hens. Affect the economic benefits of the farmers, so in the process of breeding, farmers must pay more attention to avoid the stress response of the flock

There are many reasons for the stress response of laying hens. If the nutrients are not balanced in the feeds that are usually fed, the mildew of the feed will affect the feeding and absorption functions of the broilers and then physiologically appear to have a stress response. In addition, if the temperature of the house is too high or too low, or the ventilation is unscientific, the drinking water in the external environment such as noise will also cause stress. So how do you prevent a stress reaction?

1, Firstly, from the growth characteristics of laying hens, provide a good, quiet and comfortable growing environment for the laying hens, control of temperature and humidity, and management of ventilation should be scientific and reasonable, avoiding the humidity in the chicken house caused by poor ventilation. And air pollution, etc., to avoid the stress of environmental failure.

2, to ensure the stability of feeding throughout the breeding process, such as laying water, feeding, disinfection and other environments, must be in order, time is regular, farmers must pay attention to must not be cut off, lack of material.

3, In the breeding process, it is necessary to control the environment of the chicken house, such as fixing the time of the switch light, doing the cooling work in the summer, and keeping warm in the winter to prevent the adverse effects of high and low temperature on the laying hen. In the autumn when the temperature changes greatly, timely prevention and control measures should be taken. In the rainy season, work to prevent storms is also needed.

4, In the farm where the laying hens are raised, the farmers should be careful not to yell and scream, and pay attention to the chicken houses not to be built in noisy places.

5, The feed ingredients required for different growth stages of laying hens are different. Therefore, the farmers must change the feed at a certain stage. There must be a transitional stage in the process of changing the feed, so as to ensure the smooth adaptation of the broilers.

Should buy some chicks with a higher survival rate and higher disease resistance and good production performance in chicken farm equipment.

To buy better quality feeds, it is better for chicks to grow and develop. There is also a scientific and rational allocation to avoid some diseases. If you use some poor quality feed, it will cause the chicken to become sick. The feed intake is reduced, and the egg production rate is relatively low. Regular use can cause chicken diarrhea, death, and reduced income.



First of all, we must first develop a scientific and rational immunization step, and fully investigate, so that it will be implemented faster, and we must choose a regular manufacturer to buy a vaccine. Remember to disinfect in time. For example, the disinfection of water lines and the disinfection of chicken farms, due to the frequent addition of some vitamins in the waterline, will cause the formation of pathogenic microorganisms inside the waterline to grow and multiply, resulting in drinking water pollution. Usually, you can use drugs suitable for drinking water disinfection, and disinfect the drinking water three times a month for 3 to 4 hours. Disinfection should be carried out by alternately selecting disinfectants of several different compositions to avoid drug resistance.

Keep the proper temperature in the chicken house. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the egg production rate. In the summer, it is necessary to prevent the heat from cooling in the winter and strive to reduce the temperature. And reasonable lighting, suitable ventilation can adjust the indoor temperature, humidity, reduce the concentration of harmful gases, supplement the role of oxygen, increase the body resistance, reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases. Timely elimination of low-yield chickens and increase egg production rate.

The use of a full range of chicken equipment is becoming more and more popular in the chicken industry, and its advantages in the breeding process are becoming increasingly clear. Now, we will not introduce the advantages of the farmers in use. Today, we mainly bring farmers to understand some of the equipments included in the complete chicken equipment, so that farmers can know what to do when they purchase equipment. Easy to buy.

Chicken battery cage: Chicken battery cage is the most basic equipment in the complete chicken equipment is also a must. Whether it is raising broilers or laying hens, you need to buy them. When using cages, the amount of culture can be increased and the area of the house can be saved.

Manuring system: The manuring system mainly refers to the manure removal machine. The manure removal machine is divided into a scraper manure removal machine and a belt manure removal machine. Both types of manure removal equipment can clean the faeces in the house and reduce air pollution. When the farmer purchases, he can choose the appropriate type of manure removal machine according to his own feeding situation.



Feeding system: Poultry feeding equipment refers to the feeding machine. Farmers can feed the prepared feed with comprehensive nutritional value directly. The feeding machine can also control the feeding amount of the feed and ensure the chickens. The uniformity of the diet.

Ventilation and cooling system: The main ventilation and cooling system used in the house is the fan and the wet curtain. The scientific installation method uses the negative pressure to reduce the temperature inside the house. This will create a good living environment for the flock.

The egg-colletor: The egg-collector machine is mainly used in the equipment for breeding laying hens. The egg-collector machine can help the farmers to raise eggs, increase the number of eggs, and reduce the breakage rate of the eggs, thereby improving the economic benefits of the farmers.

The above is an introduction to the various equipment in the complete chicken equipment. I hope that through the introduction today, the farmers can provide some help for the equipment.

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What to do with soft shell eggs

For laying hens, egg production rate and egg quality are very important, and it is also directly related to the economic benefits of laying hens. If too much soft shell egg will affect the income, how should it be improved?

In fact, the main reason for the appearance of soft shell eggs is that the intake of calcium in the laying hens is insufficient. The lack of calcium leads to the thinning of the eggshells, so there will be soft shell eggs or even shelless eggs, so it must be in daily breeding. Pay attention to the calcium supplementation of laying hens. The calcium required for eggshell formation is mostly derived from feed, so feed is an important factor.

For calcium supplementation in laying hens in poultry farming equipment for sale, it is necessary to choose a suitable calcium material. Usually, when calcium is added to the laying hen, two or more kinds of calcium materials can be selected for calcium supplementation,which is better.

The best time for calcium supplementation is mainly 2-4 pm, which is most suitable because only the calcium absorbed in the afternoon or evening will participate in the formation of the eggshell at night, and the afternoon is the peak of the feeding of the hens in the afternoon. At this time, the appetite is high and the food is eaten, so the effect of calcium supplementation at this time is the best.

The higher the calcium content of the feed, the better, otherwise it will be unfavorable for laying eggs. Timely calcium supplementation for laying hens will have a good benefit. If the calcium content is insufficient, it will lead to an increase in the production of soft shell eggs and a certain loss.

With the advancement of economic development technology, people no longer use the traditional way of raising chickens. The use of laying hens to raise chickens can improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity. What problems need to be regulated by laying chickens with poultry cages for sale ?

First. Disinfection is an effective method to ensure the hygiene and safety of chicken houses. Correct and reasonable disinfection can kill the pathogenic microorganisms in the chicken house in time, but many farmers do not pay attention to disinfection or disinfect according to the formal operation procedures. As a result, disinfection has no effect, and the house has poor sanitary conditions and increased disease.

Second, immunization is an effective method to prevent infectious diseases of chicken flocks. However, the vaccine operation of many farmers is not standardized, which will lead to the failure of flock immunity, which not only increases the cost, but also has not achieved good results.

Third, when raising chickens, there will be many chicken farms around the chicken house. Sometimes they will go to other chicken houses to see each other, but this is not good. Going to other chicken houses is not safe, so it will The bacteria are brought to their own chicken house to bring disease to the chicken.

Fourth, because the weather changes in the four seasons are relatively large, we must do a good job of preventive measures for weather changes, but now many farmers do not take active preventive measures when encountering sudden changes in weather or other stress factors, causing chickens to become sick. If the weather is cold, warm measures should be taken; if the weather gets hot, take measures to reduce the temperature and pay attention to ventilation.

Fifth. Save the chicken feed to avoid mold. If the chicken eats, it will be sick. At the same time, it should also be noted that the chicken feed should not be replaced at will, so as to prevent the chicken from adapting and causing the chicken to become sick.

Studies have shown that within a certain range, the content of some trace components in eggs is significantly affected by chicken feed. The content of nutrients varies, which affects the quality and size of the eggs.

Protein and amino acid levels in feed, protein intake is the main nutritional factor that affects egg size. Adjusting the protein level of the diet can change the size of the egg. Each one increase or decrease in dietary protein levels, such as from 16% to 17% or 15%, can increase or decrease the weight of the egg by approximately 1.2 grams. In practice, it is best not to increase or decrease the protein by more than 1 percentage point each time. Amino acid nutrition is the essence of protein nutrition.

The effect of dietary energy levels on egg weight is mainly through feed intake. If the daily energy intake of layer hens is lower than the lower limit of the above values, the egg production and egg weight will be affected, and thus affect the protein's Food intake (or protein savings) allows hens to have higher protein levels for maintenance, egg production and increased egg weight.

Essential fatty acids play an important role in the factors that affect egg weight. Linoleic acid is involved in fat metabolism, so it affects the size of the egg through its effect on the yolk.