Chicken Farming Information for Chicken Breeds


When using battery chicken cages to keep chickens in a poultry house, it is recommended to use a disinfection sprayer to disinfect chickens housed together in the building. Spraying is the most effective method of disinfection of poultry houses. The chickens were successfully disinfected by spraying a mist of water containing disinfectant from the top of the house. Disinfecting chickens raised together is an important part of preventing the spread of viruses and diseases when raising chickens.

First of all, the environment of the chicken house is strictly controlled and disinfected frequently. Appropriate protective equipment can be worn and the interior of the house can be sprayed with the locally recommended insecticide as soon as the flock is removed and the house is still warm. A second insecticide treatment should be completed before fumigation.

Remove poultry farming equipment. Clean and disinfect the chicken house without dead ends.



Clean Water and Inlet Systems: Drain, clean and disinfect water systems. Water pipes should be cleaned at least once per flock to remove any biofilm that may have formed. If physical cleaning is not possible, use high concentrations (140 ppm) of chlorine. Flush the water lines with clean fresh water before placing the flock. Empty, clean and sanitize all feeding equipment. Empty bulk bins and connecting pipes and brush away. Clean and seal all openings. Fumigate as much as possible.

Disinfection: Use disinfectants approved to be effective against specific poultry bacteria and viruses. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Most disinfectants are ineffective against presumed coccidial oocysts, and selective coccidial treatment should only be used by trained staff.

Spraying disinfectant can purify the chicken's body, feathers, and skin, and breathing can effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms attached to the body. This helps prevent the accumulation of respiratory diseases and pathogens expelled by sick chickens in the house. 

The above is the way to disinfect and clean the chicken house. Strengthening the management of the chicken house environment can improve the survival rate of chickens. Therefore, the environmental sanitation of the chicken house is very important. Poultry farmers must pay attention.