Chicken Farming Information for Chicken Breeds

Should buy some chicks with a higher survival rate and higher disease resistance and good production performance in chicken farm equipment.

To buy better quality feeds, it is better for chicks to grow and develop. There is also a scientific and rational allocation to avoid some diseases. If you use some poor quality feed, it will cause the chicken to become sick. The feed intake is reduced, and the egg production rate is relatively low. Regular use can cause chicken diarrhea, death, and reduced income.



First of all, we must first develop a scientific and rational immunization step, and fully investigate, so that it will be implemented faster, and we must choose a regular manufacturer to buy a vaccine. Remember to disinfect in time. For example, the disinfection of water lines and the disinfection of chicken farms, due to the frequent addition of some vitamins in the waterline, will cause the formation of pathogenic microorganisms inside the waterline to grow and multiply, resulting in drinking water pollution. Usually, you can use drugs suitable for drinking water disinfection, and disinfect the drinking water three times a month for 3 to 4 hours. Disinfection should be carried out by alternately selecting disinfectants of several different compositions to avoid drug resistance.

Keep the proper temperature in the chicken house. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the egg production rate. In the summer, it is necessary to prevent the heat from cooling in the winter and strive to reduce the temperature. And reasonable lighting, suitable ventilation can adjust the indoor temperature, humidity, reduce the concentration of harmful gases, supplement the role of oxygen, increase the body resistance, reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases. Timely elimination of low-yield chickens and increase egg production rate.

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