Chicken Farming Information for Chicken Breeds

Chickens sometimes inevitably develop diseases in poultry cage suppliers. If carriers of infectious diseases are found, they should be dealt with in time to prevent widespread infection. The following are some specific emergency measures, and I hope to be helpful.


1, First ,always go to the chicken house to observe the health status of the chickens. If abnormalities are found, check to determine what diseases are involved. Immediately take measures such as isolation, diagnosis, treatment or
emergency vaccination to achieve early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment. .

2, Sick chicken houses and used utensils must be thoroughly cleaned and strictly disinfected. Feces and dirt should be deposited and fermented.

3, If the sick chicken has healed or has been completely treated, the chicken house, site and utensils have been strictly disinfected. After two weeks, no new cases appear, and a strict large disinfection is performed.

4, Dead chicken body, feces and bedding, etc., do not throw, should be transported to a certain location to burn

5, To ensure the feed intake of chicken: If the feed intake is insufficient, can increase the nutritional concentration of the feed, and add vitamins in the feed or drinking water to enhance the body's disease resistance.