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Should buy some chicks with a higher survival rate and higher disease resistance and good production performance in chicken farm equipment.

To buy better quality feeds, it is better for chicks to grow and develop. There is also a scientific and rational allocation to avoid some diseases. If you use some poor quality feed, it will cause the chicken to become sick. The feed intake is reduced, and the egg production rate is relatively low. Regular use can cause chicken diarrhea, death, and reduced income.



First of all, we must first develop a scientific and rational immunization step, and fully investigate, so that it will be implemented faster, and we must choose a regular manufacturer to buy a vaccine. Remember to disinfect in time. For example, the disinfection of water lines and the disinfection of chicken farms, due to the frequent addition of some vitamins in the waterline, will cause the formation of pathogenic microorganisms inside the waterline to grow and multiply, resulting in drinking water pollution. Usually, you can use drugs suitable for drinking water disinfection, and disinfect the drinking water three times a month for 3 to 4 hours. Disinfection should be carried out by alternately selecting disinfectants of several different compositions to avoid drug resistance.

Keep the proper temperature in the chicken house. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the egg production rate. In the summer, it is necessary to prevent the heat from cooling in the winter and strive to reduce the temperature. And reasonable lighting, suitable ventilation can adjust the indoor temperature, humidity, reduce the concentration of harmful gases, supplement the role of oxygen, increase the body resistance, reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases. Timely elimination of low-yield chickens and increase egg production rate.

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Nowadays, more and more people are plunging into the chicken industry. The large-scale chicken adopts the cage mode. With the rapid expansion of the broiler breeding scale, the mechanical automation is adopted, and the way of feeding the roadway is being raised. Automated chicken battery cages are beginning to be widely used in the chicken industry。

However, the cage restriction limits the feeding space of the chicken. This feeding mode brings us many conveniences and brings us the problem of uneven feed division. How to make the feed distribution evenly in the trough, it is especially important for each chicken to feed the feed that meets its growth needs, to exert its best production performance without causing waste of feed.


First of all, to solve the above problems, the common means is to artificially feed. Artificial ration is a process in which the management staff uses the hand or the other tool to turn the feed in the feeding tank while walking to make the feed evenly distributed.



The benefits of ration feed during aquaculture have the following:


1. By artificially grading the feed, the uneven distribution of the feed in the trough can be improved, which is beneficial to improve the uniformity of the flock.


2. Stimulate the appetite of the chicken, especially the pellets. The feeding habit of the chicken is often to eat the larger pellets first, while the powdered feed is often left. It takes a longer time to eat, and the powdery feed at the bottom of the trough is turned up, which is beneficial for the chicken to eat the granular feed while also eating the powdery feed.


3. In the process of grading the feed, you can also find the lack of management and make corresponding adjustments.


Secondly, apart from the method of ration, what other methods do we have to make the feed in the trough uniform? We need to analyze the causes of uneven distribution of feed in the trough and then adjust it. Here are a few examples based on common causes and solutions.



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Advantages of layer battery equipment

The layer battery equipment manufacturers tells the advantages of the layer cage. Do you know any advantages of the layer cage? is that clear? It doesn't matter if it is unclear. Let's talk about the breeding advantages of layer cages.


Chicken farmers should know that chicken cages play a big role in the process of breeding. Especially the layer battery cages, it is a good protection for eggs, let's take a look at some of the advantages of laying chicken cages.


The equipment plays an important role in the breeding, especially in the laying of laying hens. The first part of the laying hen cage and the cage door show its advantages. The density of the cage and the angle of the egg are more and more manifested from these aspects. The benefits of chicken.



The benefits of the cage: the upper and lower cages are completely staggered, often seen in 2 to 3 layers. The advantage is that there is no need to set up a dung board at the bottom of the cage. For example, the manure pit may not have a clearing system. The structure is simple, and the ventilation and illumination areas of each layer are large.


1. The mesh of the egg cage is relatively smooth, which can prevent the chicken from being injured in the foot.


2. The egg cage and the bottom net are encrypted, which can effectively prevent the fatigue of the ankle and laying hens.


3. The mesh of the egg cage is galvanized, which can improve the service life of the chicken cage. Generally, it can be used for 10 or 15 years.


4. High-density feeding of egg cages is more economical, and is conducive to epidemic prevention, and can also reduce the incidence of poultry diseases.


5. The unique door reinforcement design of the egg cage can effectively prevent the chicken from wasting feed when eating. And because the cage door space is increased, it is more convenient to manage the chicken.

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Chickens sometimes inevitably develop diseases in poultry cage suppliers. If carriers of infectious diseases are found, they should be dealt with in time to prevent widespread infection. The following are some specific emergency measures, and I hope to be helpful.


1, First ,always go to the chicken house to observe the health status of the chickens. If abnormalities are found, check to determine what diseases are involved. Immediately take measures such as isolation, diagnosis, treatment or
emergency vaccination to achieve early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment. .

2, Sick chicken houses and used utensils must be thoroughly cleaned and strictly disinfected. Feces and dirt should be deposited and fermented.

3, If the sick chicken has healed or has been completely treated, the chicken house, site and utensils have been strictly disinfected. After two weeks, no new cases appear, and a strict large disinfection is performed.

4, Dead chicken body, feces and bedding, etc., do not throw, should be transported to a certain location to burn

5, To ensure the feed intake of chicken: If the feed intake is insufficient, can increase the nutritional concentration of the feed, and add vitamins in the feed or drinking water to enhance the body's disease resistance.


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How should the laying equipment be selected?

When several customers consulted the product, it was contradictory to choose the ladder type or the battery type of the layer equipment. I don't know how to choose it. Here are some years of experience based on the experience of poultry farming equipment manufacturers, how to choose the correct type of chicken cage.
Now there are two mainstream farming equipment for laying hens, one is stepped and the other is stacked. Now both devices can be fully automated, including feeding, drinking, cleaning, collecting eggs and ventilation. They can be very advanced, which can reduce the labor intensity of workers and save labor costs.

Stepped layer equipment

The stepped layer equipment is a type A cage installed in the chicken cage, and there are two kinds of shovel scraping and shovel. It is an early-stage layer raising equipment, and now the average small and medium-sized customers still use stepped layer equipment.


Its advantages are:

1. The open area of the chicken cages in each layer is large, even if it is the open house, the ventilation is just as good;

2. The lighting is better, and natural light can be used;

Its shortcomings are also obvious;

1. Low stocking density and large land occupation;

2. The chicken manure on the upper layer of the chicken cage will fall to the lower layer of chicken.



Battery layer equipment

The battery farming equipment means that the chicken battery cages are layered like a building. This kind of equipment was developed in the later stage. As the land resources become more and more tense, the land that can be used for farming is less and less, so more and more The customers will increase the density of breeding, in order to save land, the degree of intensification is also getting higher and higher, some even make 8-10 layers, a chicken house raises 100,000 chickens.


Its advantages are:

1. Fully automatic control, greatly reducing the number of operators, reducing labor intensity and improving labor productivity;

2. There is a clearing belt at the bottom of each layer, which is clean and hygienic to ensure the health of the chicken;

3. Small footprint, high space utilization, easy to achieve intensive and large-scale breeding;

4. The chicken manure is layered and cleaned, and it is easy to collect and concentrate after treatment. The utilization rate of chicken manure is high and the pollution to the environment is extremely small;

5. The fully enclosed feeding mode is conducive to preventing the occurrence of infectious diseases and improving the production performance of the flocks;


Its shortcomings:

1. It is necessary to adopt closed type and automatic temperature control, otherwise the temperature inside the house is difficult to control;

2. The risk factor is relatively high, and there are tens of thousands of chickens in a house.

If the laying rate of laying hens is below 30,000, it is better to choose a step type. If the laying rate of laying hens is more than 30,000, it is more appropriate to choose a cascading type.


The use of chicken battery cages to raise chickens is a popular chicken raising method in the chicken industry. The chicken cages are raised in a multi-layer cage. The breeding density is large and the number is large. It is very popular among farmers, using chicken cages to raise chickens, and which are Need to pay attention to the chickens to pay attention to the matter, only pay attention to all aspects of feeding points, scientific and reasonable breeding can be able to raise the higher yield of the chickens, the following authors to tell the majority of farmers to use the chicken cage in spring Chicken's precautions.


The use of battery chicken cages for automatic feeding is a very good equipment for modern breeding. The use of battery chicken cages for raising chickens can effectively control the environment in the chicken house without being affected by high temperatures, cold, wind and heavy rain. Create a good environment for the growth of the flock. The main advantages of the vertical chicken cage automatic equipment are as follows:



1. Vertical chicken cage raising high level of automation: Vertical chicken cage can complete automatic feeding, drinking water, clearing dung, wet curtain cooling, centralized handling, automatic control, saving energy, reducing the cost of artificial breeding, greatly improving the farmers Feeding efficiency.


2. The flock is well-prevented, and it is useful to prevent infectious diseases. Chicken manure and chickens are not in contact. The automatic cleaning through the conveyor belt can make the chicken grow stronger and provide a clean and warm growing environment for the chickens.


3. The province's site, forward feeding density: the cage density is more than three times higher than the flattening density.


4. Saving feed: Vertical chicken cages can save a large amount of feed, chickens are kept in cages, the amount of exercise is reduced, energy consumption is small, and waste materials are reduced. The material indicates that cages can be useful to save more than 25% of the cost of raising.


5. Sturdy and durable: vertical chicken cage raising equipment uses hot dip zinc process, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, service life can be as long as 15 to 20 years.

With the advancement of economic development technology, people no longer use the traditional way of raising chickens. The use of laying hens to raise chickens can improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity. What problems need to be regulated by laying chickens with poultry cages for sale ?

First. Disinfection is an effective method to ensure the hygiene and safety of chicken houses. Correct and reasonable disinfection can kill the pathogenic microorganisms in the chicken house in time, but many farmers do not pay attention to disinfection or disinfect according to the formal operation procedures. As a result, disinfection has no effect, and the house has poor sanitary conditions and increased disease.

Second, immunization is an effective method to prevent infectious diseases of chicken flocks. However, the vaccine operation of many farmers is not standardized, which will lead to the failure of flock immunity, which not only increases the cost, but also has not achieved good results.

Third, when raising chickens, there will be many chicken farms around the chicken house. Sometimes they will go to other chicken houses to see each other, but this is not good. Going to other chicken houses is not safe, so it will The bacteria are brought to their own chicken house to bring disease to the chicken.

Fourth, because the weather changes in the four seasons are relatively large, we must do a good job of preventive measures for weather changes, but now many farmers do not take active preventive measures when encountering sudden changes in weather or other stress factors, causing chickens to become sick. If the weather is cold, warm measures should be taken; if the weather gets hot, take measures to reduce the temperature and pay attention to ventilation.

Fifth. Save the chicken feed to avoid mold. If the chicken eats, it will be sick. At the same time, it should also be noted that the chicken feed should not be replaced at will, so as to prevent the chicken from adapting and causing the chicken to become sick.

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There are four main characteristics of cage chickens:


1. The temperature difference between the upper and lower layers of the chicken cage. The solution to the temperature difference between the upper and lower layers of the chicken cage system is to install a diversion fan on the middle ceiling of the chicken house, which can control the temperature difference between each layer to 1 Within °C.


2. The problem of adequate oxygen supply to the flocks in the middle of the house. Providing oxygen supply in the middle of the house, the most effective measure is to adjust the wind speed of the air inlet and the uniform wind window. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid the danger of cold wind on cage chickens on both sides because of the wind speed problem. The most effective way to prevent this from happening is to use a baffle that allows the cold wind to fall into the aisle as it blows up, allowing the oxygen supplied to reach the middle cage.

3. Stable and balanced negative pressure ventilation is the key to the success or failure of cage chickens. It is also a key step in the middle cage to supply oxygen and prevent cold wind from entering the chickens on both sides. The role of negative pressure ventilation, one can ensure sufficient oxygen supply in the middle of the chicken house, the negative pressure determines the wind speed of the air inlet, the wind speed of the inlet wind determines whether the oxygen supply in the middle cage is sufficient; the second is to ensure the interior of the chicken house The air is fresh, and the negative pressure ventilation is the working principle of first discharging the dirty air in the chicken house and then pulling in the fresh air, so that the air in the chicken house is effectively circulated.


4. The three-dimensional cage will have a greater impact on the ventilation mode inside the house. For example, the distance between the cage and the cage, the density and weight of the flock, the width and length of the interior of the house, and the different breeds of the chickens will directly change the ventilation mode of the entire house. Even in a standardized house, the ventilation of each house will vary.




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Why are chickens lacking nutrition?

Maybe you often have such questions when raising chickens in poultry farming equipment for sale. Why do I raise chickens seriously? It is the same as raising chickens before. Why do my chickens sometimes suffer from lack of nutrition? There are the following reasons regarding the lack of nutrition in chickens.



1, if you excessively pursue the growth rate of chicken, want to let the chicken grow faster, give the chicken some excessive nutrient feed, although this will achieve the effect, but often the chicken can not afford so much, it will cause the immunity to decline. At the same time, chickens will also lack nutrition.

2, because the properties of the chicken is rather timid, any reaction will cause a stress reaction, stress will encroach on the nutrients in the chicken body, reducing the immunity of the flock. In this case, the demand for nutrients in chickens will be higher.

3, due to improper storage of the mold caused by mildew, this will not only make the chicken lack of nutrition, but also cause diarrhea, which also has an impact on the growth and development of the chicken.

4, there are many factors that cause chicken immunosuppression, the most common are disease factors, drug factors, feed factors. In the case of immunosuppression, if the flock wants to be healthy, more nutrients are needed to protect it.


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Maintenance of laying hen equipment fan

Maintenance and maintenance of laying hen equipment fan:


1. Layer chicken equipment fan motor maintenance. The chicken farm power support personnel check the operation of the motor and observe whether there is any abnormal vibration in the motor work. If problems are found, the bearings should be replaced or butter should be added in time.


2. Layer chicken equipment fan bearing maintenance. Add butter to the fan bearing to check the running condition of the bearing. If the bearing reaches the service limit, it should be replaced in time. The inverter fan or the primary fan has a much longer running time than other fans. It is recommended to replace the fan bearing directly to ensure the reduction in the future operation. Fault frequency.


3. Layer and belt inspection of laying equipment. If the belt has a decrease in hardness, corrosion, fiber breakage or cracks, it indicates that the belt has been damaged and cannot be used any more. It needs to be replaced in time. If the new belt is replaced, the outer edge of the belt is still lower than the outer edge of the pulley, indicating that the pulley is seriously worn and the pulley needs to be replaced.


4. Chicken layer cages fan shutter inspection. Mainly check whether the shutter opening and closing device is normal, check the blindness of the blinds, if the sealing is not good, it must be cleaned and repaired.




Maintenance and maintenance of laying hen equipment heaters:


1. Heater motor maintenance. The chicken farm power support personnel check the operation of the motor, add high temperature butter to the bearings of the motor, and check whether the line is abnormal.


2. Heater water supply pipe. Check whether the water supply pipe filter is clean, check whether the pipe valve is leaking or the switch is smooth, and the heat sink of the heater is blocked.


3. Signal debugging of the heater. Due to the deactivation of the wet curtain in summer, the signal line of the heater should be connected to ensure that the thermostat can provide a signal to start the heater.


The above is the technical essentials of overhaul layer fan equipment, I hope to help you.