Tuesday, 31 August 2021 09:26

How do farmers disinfect broiler breeding equipment?

While broiler breeding equipment is convenient for breeding, there are also sanitation issues that need to be paid attention to. A good chicken house environment provides a better living space for chickens. This is also conducive to the healthy growth of chickens.


The first is to clean the chicken coop. Cleaning the chicken house requires removing the feces and debris inside and outside the chicken house. The feed that the chickens have not eaten in the trough also needs to be cleaned out. Then clean the trough with water.


Next, the chicken farmers must carry out an all-round cleaning of the chicken house. Poultry chicken cages, chicken manure board and other equipment and ceiling, chicken coop floor. Note that farmers must protect live equipment before cleaning to avoid accidents.



The third step. Equipment that can be moved should be removed from the house for disinfection. Expose it in the sun and put it back into the chicken coop one by one.


Fourth, the most common disinfection method used by farmers is to spray chemicals. This is the best way to eliminate pathogens in the chicken house. Farmers should pay attention to all aspects when spraying.


After the above steps are completed. Farmers can open all the entrances and exits and vents of the chicken coop. Let the chicken house ventilate for about ten days. The bacteria are further eliminated by keeping the chicken coop dry.


The above are the methods and precautions for disinfection of the shared chicken coop.