Wednesday, 26 August 2020 09:27

Broiler cage manufacturers tell how to disinfect chickens

For major chicken farmers who use Fully automatic poultry farming equipment for chicken, the disinfection of chickens is an indispensable part of the breeding process. Reasonable disinfection can reduce the prevalence of chickens and strengthen the environmental sanitation of the chicken coop. How to disinfect chickens? , What are the steps of disinfection? Broiler cage manufacturer Dajia Machinery summarized the key steps of disinfection of chickens, and now I will share them with farmers.


Cleaning the chicken house: Before disinfection, in order to achieve a better disinfection effect, farmers need to clean the chicken house first, because cleaning can clean the dust, feces, residual feed and other dirt on the surface of the chicken house. It can kill the dirt and bacterial pathogenic microorganisms in the deeper part of the chicken house during disinfection, and achieve a better disinfection effect.


The second step of disinfection is to wash the chicken house: For farmers who disinfect the empty chicken house, they should also pay attention to washing the chicken house after cleaning the chicken house. This is to clean the chicken house thoroughly and use the disinfectant solution. To play a good effect, thoroughly scrubbing the chicken house can ensure the effectiveness of the disinfectant. Therefore, after the dirt on the ground is soaked and softened in water, it should be scrubbed with a hard brush. It is better to use a power spray pump to scrub it at high pressure.





The third step of disinfection is to wait for the chicken house to dry: if the chicken house of the farmer is washed, it cannot be disinfected immediately. You need to put the chicken house aside for a few days and wait for it to be disinfected after drying. Otherwise, disinfect with water. Who will dilute it and fail to achieve a good disinfection effect.


 The fourth step of disinfection is to prepare disinfectant drugs: there are many methods of disinfection. After the farmers choose the disinfection method, they must prepare the disinfectant drugs according to the proportions in the disinfectant instructions.


The fifth step of disinfection: disinfection: After the above work is completed, the farmers will start disinfection. When disinfecting, pay attention to the comprehensiveness of disinfection, and cover all corners of the chicken house, such as the roof, ceiling, walls, and fixings. Facilities, grounds, etc. must be properly disinfected so that better results can be achieved. Be careful not to miss the blocked parts.


The above is the steps of how to disinfect chicken raised by broiler cage manufacturers for farmers. I hope that the above description can bring some help to farmers.