Thursday, 23 July 2020 09:40

Problems to be overcome in using broiler cage equipment to raise chickens

The use of broiler chicken cage equipment is the development trend of broiler breeding. More and more chicken farmers have begun to try to adopt the mode of broiler cage breeding, which is currently one of the advanced production methods in the broiler breeding industry. It has the advantages of saving land resources, improving breeding conditions, improving production performance, and reducing disease incidence. However, in order to achieve greater economic benefits, it is necessary to overcome its existing problems and maximize the benefits of broiler cages.

The main technical characteristics of broiler cages are as follows: First, the three-layer overlapping cage technology is adopted. The second is to be equipped with an automatic manure removal conveyor belt to clean manure in time and reduce harmful gases such as ammonia and sulfur dioxide in the house. The third is that the entire cage is made of hot-dip galvanized metal anticorrosive materials, and the bottom of the cage is covered with wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant plastic nets, which can effectively reduce the incidence of breast cysts and leg diseases in broilers. Fourth, the chicken house is fully enclosed, relying on air intakes and exhaust fans on both sides of the house to maintain air quality in the house. The staggered installation of incandescent lamps reasonably realizes artificial lighting, and the use of water heaters, wet curtains, and automatic spray devices to achieve temperature and humidity control in the house.

Experiments show that the technical advantages of commercial broiler cages over online breeding are very significant. Not only can increase the number of breeding, improve production performance, save production costs, and bring significant economic benefits to farmers. It can also save land resources, reduce environmental pollution, improve product quality, and create huge social benefits. In line with the development requirements of "scale, standardization, industrialization, and ecologicalization" of the broiler breeding industry, the widespread promotion and application will help accelerate the process of standardization and transformation of livestock and poultry farms, and effectively promote the upgrading of the livestock industry.

Although cage breeding has significant technical advantages over online breeding, there are still some problems with cage breeding technology, mainly in the following three aspects. One is that the initial investment of cage culture is larger than that of online culture, but because the profit rate of cage culture is much higher than that of online culture, the return is quick. Second, the technical requirements of cage breeding are higher than that of online breeding. Because cage houses are closed and fully automated, technicians must not only master breeding management techniques, but also be familiar with the operation of modern equipment. Third, the ventilation requirements of cage breeding are higher than that of online breeding. Because cage breeding is multi-layer breeding, it is more dense than online breeding, which easily causes poor air circulation in the house. Therefore, the above three points are the problems that farmers who use broiler farming cage equipment to overcome.