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For chicken farms that use large-scale battery cage systems in Uganda to raise flocks. In addition to mastering scientific and reasonable chicken raising techniques, farmers must master the technology. Also pay attention to the management system of chicken farm breeders. These are important guarantees for farmers to successfully create the benefits of chicken raising, which can allow farmers to raise chickens with less effort. The following poultry cage manufacturers will take you to understand the main points of the management system of large-scale automatic chicken raising equipment chicken farms.


 1. Strengthen personnel management: Generally, the number of large-scale chicken farms is relatively large, so it is necessary to hire some people to complete the feeding work together. Therefore, farmers should pay attention to the management of staff and strictly control the entry of off-site personnel into large-scale poultry farms.

 2. Improve the rules and regulations: farmers should formulate different work points for different staff in the daily management process. For example, post management systems such as field managers, technicians, and breeders. In the usual management, work according to the rules and strengthen the assessment. Allbattery chicken cagesystems are put on the wall and implemented in accordance with the system.

 3. Pay attention to file management: For chicken farms that use large-scale automatic chicken raising equipment to raise chickens, special attention should be paid to the records of work, and various sound records should be established. Whether it is the condition of the flock, the medication, or the salary of the staff, etc., all need to be recorded.



 4 Implement scientific epidemic prevention: If farmers want to keep their flocks healthy, they must do a good job of scientific immunization. Immunization is an important means to prevent infectious diseases of chickens. Therefore, doing a good job of immunization can better keep the chickens healthy. Also note that farmers should implement the immunization program as planned.

 5.Equipped with reasonable chicken raising equipment: All kinds of chicken raising equipment are the key to realizing large-scale farming. Therefore, in the process of raising chickens, farmers must prepare reasonable chicken raising equipment, and at the same time improve the supporting facilities for epidemic prevention.


The above is the management method of large-scale automatic chicken raising equipment chicken farms and the relevant content of the breeder management system organized by poultry cage manufacturers for farmers. The scientific formulation of these management systems will ensure the efficient operation of chicken farms. For this reason, farmers must master scientific chicken raising technical knowledge and chicken farm management knowledge, so as to successfully realize the benefits of chicken raising.

Nowadays, laying hen farming has become a popular poultry farming industry. Layer cage equipment is also becoming more and more popular with poultry farmers. So what devices are commonly used? Today, the laying hen cage manufacturer will give you a brief introduction.



  1. Layer cage for sale. The use of chicken cages to raise laying hens can fully utilize the area ofthe chicken house to raise more chickens. Can increase the number of farmers breeding. And the cage covers a relatively small area. This can not only save the area of the chicken cagefor farmers, but also increase the number of farmers. When using laying hen equipment, the flock can be effectively isolated from manure. In this way, the chickens are prevented from contacting the feces and the spread of the disease is reduced.


  1. Automatic feeding system. The automatic feeder is specially designed for the construction of cages. The feeding machine has the advantages of strange layout, practical, time-saving and labor-saving, uniform feeding, low consumption, battery power supply, DC motor drive, low noise, convenient operation, flexible steering, small turning space, and convenient maintenance.


  1. Automatic manure cleaning system. The manure cleaner is widely used to remove the manure of poultry and livestock raised in poultry chicken cages in Ghana. It can realize unmanned management, automatic and timely cleaning of manure, arbitrary time setting, temporary manure removal, simple and fast operation, automatic manual conversion, convenient management and no need for many personnel. The chicken manure runs with the manure scraper to the end and falls into the manure removal belt and is sent to the manure truck to be pulled away, which can improve the environment in the house and reduce the occurrence of diseases.


  1. Automatic drinking water system. Water is an indispensable substance for raising chickens. From the point of view of saving water and preventing bacterial contamination, the drinking fountain is an ideal water supply building, which can realize automatic drinking water for laying broilers, and does not require farmers to manually feed water, which is highly efficient. Leaking drinking fountain.
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Poultry farming business is one of the most important and lucrative industries in livestock farming, especially in Kenya and Nigeria. But like every other business, there are risks and challenges. Are you planning to get into poultry farming but want to know the risks and challenges you will face? Today, poultry cage manufacturers share with you.


  1. Breeding pollution is becoming more and more serious, and environmental resource constraints are increasing

Regardless of the scale of poultry farming, chicken manure and waste continue to increase. Untreated waste is directly or indirectly discharged into rivers, lakes and seas. This will lead to a series of environmental problems such as water pollution and air pollution.

With the upgrade of automatic poultry farming equipment. The installation and use of automated poultry manure removal systems allow for centralized manure disposal. Effective solution to environmental pollution problems.




  1. Disease control is difficult

Chicken blight is not only easy to cause losses to production, but also easy to damage the health of consumers. Poultry disease prevention and control has always been the top priority of farming. In recent years, with the expansion of breeding scale, the continuous improvement of the degree of intensive breeding, and the increasing environmental pressure of breeding, pathogenic microorganisms widely exist and spread among farms. New and old chicken infectious diseases continue to appear, mixed infection cases increase, and the diagnosis and prevention and control of epidemic diseases are more difficult.

Using the battery cage system in Nigecia to raise laying hens can better take epidemic prevention measures. Medicines can be injected because of the use of automated poultry drinking systems. Chickens are already taking precautionary measures when they drink water. easy and convenient.


  1. Farming costs continue to rise

In recent years, the poultry raising project, like other livestock and poultry raising, has continued to increase labor, land and material costs. The total cost of farming continues to increase. In addition, the price of meat and egg products fluctuates frequently, and the income of raising chickens also fluctuates, and the pressure on farmers to increase their income is increasing.

The use of poultry equipment layer battery cages and broiler cages saves capital investment. This allows 2 people to manage 20,000 birds. Save labor costs.

Strengthen the ventilation of intensive chicken farms

Battery cage systems in Ghana rearing belongs to high - density rearing mode. So under high density conditions, there are more chickens so they breathe more. The relative humidity in the house, the concentration of harmful gases is also easy to rise.


Enclosed chicken farm with layer chicken cages. Battery cage for layer feeding the number of density is also relatively large. The chicken exhales a lot of carbon dioxide. Add the harmful gas such as ammonia of chicken house more. If not ventilated in time, it may lead to the disease of chicken breathing in harmful gases. Good ventilation can eliminate harmful gases from the chicken farm.


In the season of high temperature. Chicken house temperature is also easy to rise. In order to maintain good air conditions in the house. Ventilation should be installed or provided to increase the ventilation. The price of layer chicken cage can also be constantly changed into enough fresh air.



Control the light intensity of the chicken farm.

When the feeding density is high and the light is strong, the battery layer cages have the advantage, which can easily cause the restless chickens, even after the beak is broken, the phenomenon of pecking the anus will still occur. In the closed hen house, the illumination of the growing chickens should be 5-10 lux, and that of the laying hens should be 10 lux.


Common hen house is like light very strong. Layer chicken cage price when the occurrence of anal pecking. Under the condition of ensuring proper ventilation, the chicken farm should be darkened as much as possible.

Layer cage system price in Kenya has now become a modern farm essential poultry farming equipment. Because poultry facilities allow chickens to be better cared for and produce more eggs. Poultry equipment manufacturers through 6 points for everyone to share.


1.Supplement vitamin C in time during laying. In daily feeding process, farmers can choose to add 0.02% vitamin C to the diet of laying hens. According to the practice of many producers, vitamin C can increase the laying rate of laying hens by 11%.


2.Feed eggshell powder during laying. We all know that egg production and laying hens need a lot of protein. Eggshell powder in feed materials contains a lot of protein. Just what laying hens need. So farmers can crush or mash the eggshells. Add proper amount of eggshell powder into the feed of laying hens. This increases egg production by about 10%.



3 Feed the laying hens baking soda. Feeding baking soda to laying hens can not only improve the performance of laying hens, but also strengthen the hardness of eggshell. Adding 0.3% to 1% baking soda to the diet of laying hens can increase the productivity of laying hens.


4.Cut off the feathers of laying hens in summer. It is hot in summer. In order to reduce the heat of laying hens and increase their appetite, farmers can cut off all the feathers on the breast and abdomen of laying hens as well as the inner thighs and under the wings. This will increase their appetite and improve the performance of the layer.


5 To control the reasonable lighting. In the process of raising laying hens in battery chicken cages. Whether the light time of laying hens is uniform and sufficient will also affect the later production performance of laying hens. Lay hens are exposed to light for 8 hours a day at the time of perinatal opening. After each additional week, its light increased by half an hour. Until it reaches the peak laying period of 14-16 hours, until the end of laying, the egg production of laying hens will be significantly improved.


Break your wings when feeding chicks. Within 12-24 hours of the chick coming out of the shell, the farmer can use scissors to cut off the root of the wing. Then use a 50-watt electric iron to cauterize the bleeding, and then apply purple potion to disinfect. By doing this, laying hens can start production 10.5 days earlier and their laying rate increases 10.8 percent.


The above 6 tips are shared by poultry equipment manufacturers on how to use the layer cage system to get chickens to produce more eggs. I hope I can help poultry farmers.


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Layer cage equipment is an integral part of modern laying hen farms. Sometimes they are called chicken coops. But now "A" and "H" layer battery cages price are the newest laying hen cages for poultry farms! Stacked layer cages are mainly used in poultry farms.



Project prospect -battery chicken cage for layer

Battery layer cages have become a trend and a commercial tool. With the development of science and technology, these modern poultry farms are introducing various modern equipment to raise laying hens. People can cut costs and reduce disease in chickens by being more advanced! For example, replacing the traditional galvanizing process with electrostatic painting technology, replacing workers with automated equipment, etc.

Despite the increasing upfront investment costs, these modern methods will help us prevent laying diseases as much as possible! Well, if you want to keep raising laying hens but don't quite know how to choose laying hen cage, or where to chicken cages for sale in Kenya and automation equipment for your farm, you can call us, or send us an email,

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Constitute the egg shell thin elements of many, for example, nutrients, varieties, management and so on. In addition, the selection of automatic chicken raising equipment, temperature and ventilation are the main factors affecting eggshell thinness.


The temperature. Too high or too low a temperature in the hen house can affect egg shell quality. The reason is that temperature affects feeding and feed intake affects nutrient content.


Buy a premium battery cage system. Quality - assured automated chicken raising facilities allow chickens to be taken good care of. Provide a good living environment.



Usually when the temperature is higher than 32℃. Chicken body heat is difficult, appetite is reduced, intake cut. Prolonged high temperatures can damage the nutrient balance of the chicken. Cause metabolic changes, so that the thyroid function of chickens reduced, resulting in lack of calcium in the chicken body. Easy to produce thin shell or soft shell eggs.


When the temperature drops below -12℃, the feed intake of chickens decreases and the eggshells become thinner. Therefore, it is cool in summer and warm in winter, so that the temperature in the chicken house should be kept between 15℃ and 25℃ as far as possible, and the concentration of energy, protein and minerals in the diet of laying hens should be adjusted according to the season to improve the laying rate and eggshell quality.


Ventilation. The effect of ventilation on the eggshell is affected by the concentration of harmful gases. When the chicken house is poorly ventilated, the concentration of ammonia gas is too high, it is easy to cause respiratory ammonia poisoning, so that the chicken body loses more carbon dioxide, resulting in the lack of carbonate ions that constitute calcium carbonate, affecting the absorption of calcium, thus resulting in the production of thin shell eggs. Therefore, automatic chicken equipment is often used in the chicken house for ventilation, timely cleaning of feces, to avoid too high ammonia concentration.


These are the four tips poultry equipment manufacturers shared to solve the problem. Let's hope poultry farmers don't panic when it comes to thin-skinned eggs and find a solution.


The production process and design type of chicken cages are designed according to different chicken breeds. Therefore, the most important thing for farmers to choose cages is to choose cages according to their chicken breeds. The cages and equipment widely used by farmers now include: layer cages, broiler cages, and brooding cages. Next, the poultry equipment manufacturer in Uganda will introduce three different types of chicken cage equipment to farmers in detail.



Chicken layer cages for sale: It is mainly composed of two types: A-type laying hen cage and H-type laying hen cage. If the farmer has more than 30,000 chickens, the H type is recommended. If the breeding volume is 5,000-30,000, A-type cages can be used.

Both cages are made of hot-dip galvanized material. Sturdy and durable, the service life can reach more than 20 years. The surface of the cage is smooth, which can effectively prevent foot injury and improve the survival rate. Moreover, the design advantages of the cage are mainly reflected in the front net and cage door, as well as the cage density and egg rolling, which also reflects the interests of the growth of laying hens.

Broiler cages: The main broiler cages currently on the market are sandwich broiler cages. This cage is also made of hot-dip galvanized material. According to the growth characteristics of broilers, in order to overcome the breast inflammation caused by the hard bottom of the cage, the cage is made of high-quality steel. During the growth of broilers, there is no need to transfer the cages from the chicks to the broiler market, reducing the trouble for farmers to catch chickens and avoiding some adverse reactions.

Brooder cage for sales: The chick cage is a kind of cage specially made for chicks. The brooding cage is made of galvanized low carbon steel wire, which has strong tensile and compressive properties. Using chicken cages to raise chicks can better observe the growth status of chicks and facilitate farmers to eliminate them in groups.


The above is the battery cages price list shared by poultry equipment manufacturers. Hope to be able to provide guidance for poultry farmers when choosing a cascading chicken cage system. If you are interested in chicken cages, please continue to pay attention to our website for more information.

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