Chicken Farming Information for Chicken Breeds

Using broiler battery cages to raising chicken is very convenient because it reduces the burden on most farmers, but it also places higher demands on farmers. Chicken living in cages also need to be managed. Some people will have some related problems. Today we will discuss the problems that should be paid attention to when raising broiler chicken with automatic breeding equipment.

  1. Matters needing attention in temperature

(1) Place the thermometer reasonably

In standardized chicken house breeding, the length and width of the chicken house are relatively large, and the temperature in the east, west, or north and south of the chicken house is inconsistent. Attention should be paid to the reasonable placement of thermometers. One thermometer should be placed in the east, middle, and west of the poultry chicken cages. Get the average temperature in the chicken house.

(2) Measures that change with the seasons

Need to cool down in summer. Breeders can use wet curtains and fans to reduce the temperature in the chicken house. At the same time, you should pay attention to the opening time of the wet curtain, to avoid the temperature in the chicken house is too low or the temperature in the chicken house is inconsistent, causing chickens to catch a cold.

 Temperature control in autumn. Because of the large temperature difference between day and night in autumn, the temperature in the chicken house should be adjusted to avoid the phenomenon of high and low temperature.

 In winter, heat preservation can be used to increase the temperature in the chicken house through heating or a blower.

  1. Pay attention to the problem of density

Pay attention to the density of broilers in cages. Actually, pay attention to the different feed intake of each cage chicken, adjust the number of chickens in each cage and achieve even feed intake.

  1. Matters needing attention in immunization

Raising broiler chicken in battery cages usually adopt drinking water immunization methods during immunization. When immunizing, attention should be paid to the vaccine dosage and drinking time. The drinking time should not be too long. Too long can easily reduce the efficiency of vaccine immunity.

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